Monday, October 27, 2014

Crochet Yoda Hat

I have no idea how to break the ice after a 7 month long blogging break, so how about a crocheted Yoda hat?!?!?

Meet Judah! Or Yoda. Or You-dah as B calls him. Our second baby! He is the cutest. Oh, yes is he. Hmm.
That was a Yoda voice that just came out, folks. In case you weren't sure about that.
My Nana, Judah's Great-Nana, crocheted this hat for him and I just had to share it here. I have just started to learn crochet. I sew much better. I've learned the chain stitch and the single crochet stitch and I've made maybe 5 inches of this into who knows what it will be. Probably a pot holder, because I know nothing. Anyways. This year for Halloween, our family is dressing up as Star Wars Characters, basically to make our 4 year old ecstatic! Judah got to be Yoda and well, when I saw this hat, I asked my Nana if he could have it! She whipped it up in .5 days. Okay, not quite that fast, but it was FAST! That's how good she is! I found the free pattern at Knot Your Nana's Crochet, and she added ear flaps and a chin strap, so that it would stay on better! He is a 7 month old baby after all!
 Like it could not have turned out any cuter! I never loved Yoda more!
Ahhh, that face! No worries! I kiss it daily! And then 10 more times.
Big brother is loving it, too! Cai will be Darth Vader! I just finished sewing his cape today, but he wanted to save it for Halloween! Okay, buddy!

Thanks for reading! (If you still are! ha!)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Judah is here!

I know I have not updated this blog in over a month! Eventually, I will blog more again, but right now, I've been taking a back seat to blogging, and focusing on my THREE children THREE and under, who take up ALLLLL my sweet and precious time, in wonderful ways! I just want to announce that I am no longer pregnant (yay!) and we have a beautiful addition to our family!

 7lbs 2oz, 20 1/4''
Grateful to God for this sweet blessing boy!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Photography E-Book Giveaway! ***Closed***

***This Giveaway is now closed! The winner is Stacey via!!! Comment number 37!***

Well, hello, folks! I'm exactly 1 week from delivering our 2nd son, Judah! Can you believe it!? While I haven't been on the front page of blogosphere (by choice) lately, I have been practicing some skills.... photography skills where and when I can. I have a long way to go, but today, I have a SWEET giveaway to offer you from LBG Studio! It's Vanessa's Photography for Bloggers E-book!

Now, whether you have a blog or whether you are wanting to just improve your skills, you could definitely gain valuable knowledge from her book! I felt like I had researched so much on my own, but reading through her book, I was able to "make it click" (photography pun) in my head! Now, I'm shooting in manual mode 90% of the time, and I hope that keeps growing!

"Whether you need better product shots for your blog/shop, want to show off your latest recipe, or want those “wow” photos of your kids in the outfits you made for your next blog post; this e-book is for you! Learn how to get great photos of your creations within your own home without having to break the bank. In this 42 page e-book, I share with you lots of tips and tricks including how to improve composition, how to better utilize available light, how to create interesting backdrops, getting the most from your camera, and more! This e-book contains lots of before/after images including “pull backs” which will give you a behind the scenes glimpse of my tips and tricks in action. Suitable for all skill levels and camera types {point & shoot/DSLR}." -Vanessa {LBG studio}

Here are a few images of my own as I have been practicing, that are straight out of the camera, with very minor fine tuning, that I have been happy with after reading this book!

Mostly, family photos...
But a few for the blog, too, of course!

Anyways, I know I have a ways to go to be anything close to professional, but I loved reading this e-book and then working on my skills and I love growing as an "amateur" photographer!

To enter, simply enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below before 12am on 3/16/14! And a big thanks to Vanessa for giving me and (hopefully) YOU her amazing book! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sweetheart Dress for B

Well, hello! Happy Valentine's Day!!! I have enjoyed my blog break, and will continue to take it slow, as I finish up this 3rd trimester and enter newborn frenzy fun in less than 6 weeks! I sewed B her 2nd hand-made dress ever yesterday, while we were snowed in here in SC! TWO whole days home with the husband afforded me some leisurely sewing and I am SO glad! I've missed it! In the last couple weeks, I've sat down at my sewing machine on at least two different occasions, fiddled around, and then got up, and went to bed! LOL! At least I know my priorities!
In all honestly, I have been secretly working on my dslr MANUAL skills. I have a great ebook giveaway on the horizon for you all! But, before we talk about that, let's discuss this dress for little Miss B!

I used the Sweetheart Pattern by Very Shannon (LuvintheMommyhood), which is obviously perfect for Valentine's Day, due to the adorable heart cut out on the back of the dress!
At first I was SO bummed that it only came in sizes 2T - 6T, but after hearing that it can be hard to get on/off, I decided to give it a try and size down slightly for B (who is more 12 - 18 months size). I actually wish I had not taken 1/2'' off the bodice folds, because I think the 2T bodice would have been easier to get on/off! If you sew this, I recommend going up a size in the bodice, for sure! I also took off 2'' off the width of the skirt rectangle you cut out and took 3'' off the length of the skirt in order to size down for B (based on her measurements). I think leaving the 2T bodice would have been the way to go, since B is growing quickly! SO... if you want to make this for a 1 year old that you know will grow, then I would take that route!
I decided to forego a button and try a ribbon tie, which I thought would be fun! I also added ribbon to the waist, since my fabric choice of a light denim, was rather plain otherwise. To add the ribbon, I simply fed it through the back bodice and pinned, before I sewed around the heart cut out (while your back bodice pieces are right sides together (top two photos below). Then, when you cut from the neckline down to the center of the heart, you have sewn in your ribbon ties.
I also used the wrong side of my denim heart that I cut out from the back and put it on the center front. I topstitched around it twice and thought the frayed look would be cute with denim. It may be a little heart overload, but she's a cute baby! She can pull it off!
I lined it with a simple pink rose fabric (which I forgot to take a photo of with my dslr)! Here is my instagram photo of it.
Follow me at vanessadbs! 

It's simple and sweet and allowed me to truly enjoy sewing today! I enjoyed making B a little Valentine's Day dress! I hope you have a great V Day! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

All That I Have Sewn - 2013

Looking back at all that I have sewn in 2013, I really feel like I had a great year making lots of fun things for our family! I started this blog as a means to remember what I have sewn and chronicle my progress! So now, I'd like to share my year in review, you know... before my little blog break! hahaha! I really did mean for this post to go out before the last one!

For Micaiah, I sewed less than last year. There is good reason. He's started to get pickier about what I make. I noticed a lot of times, I would make him something and he would NOT want to wear it, already at 3. See that cute striped sweater with the cute deer pocket... NOPE! The color blocked shorts? They were too "bulky". The belt... well, we did wear that some, but not as much as you would think, because he doesn't really need a belt. The cute deer hoodie? The zipper broke and I just haven't gotten around to fixing it. What in the world was I thinking with that last red chevron pants? NO idea. They are ridiculous and lame. NOT going to make him wear those! In fact, can we name that the weirdest item I have sewn to date, ever?! haha! 
 Plus, I got a girl to sew for! That was pretty exciting! I stretched my sewing skills to include sewing a few of B's first dresses.
I really enjoyed sewing for B! I also sewed a little for my niece, Naomi!

I always love some selfish sewing! In fact, I'd really like to fine tune my women's sewing this next year, so I know I will be making more once my body is back to "normal" to come!

 Then, there were the random items that I sewed that didn't fit into one particular category! 
 Bags, gifts, nursing covers (yet to write a tute for), shower curtains, and bracelets are among the random category!

 And a few DIY projects made the blog. My updated laundry/utility room, refinishing a table as a wedding gift for my brother and his wife, and adding some chalkboard fabric to our toddler table, which allows me to wipe it clean and creativity!
 In my head, I have several DIY projects on the 2014 list: repaint kitchen cabinets and kitchen (update hardware), possibly sprucing up our master bathroom, make some pillows for our bedroom.

But then again, I'm having a newborn in less than 11 weeks. I probably won't get anything "done". And that's okay. I think keeping a human alive counts for something!

All in all, I give God the ultimate glory for allowing me the skill to make all of these things for those I love. I love spending the time creating for my family and for others as gifts. I did a lot of embroidery projects this last year, but I don't tend to blog those since they aren't quite so "creative" as completely sewn outfits and such!

 I would love to fine tune my sewing and amp up DIY projects in the house this next year! I guess you could say those are my "resolutions". Just don't hold me to any of that! hahaha!