Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Bunny for Cai!

Meet Bunny...
Last night, I spent around 45 minutes making this little bunny for Micaiah's 1st Easter! I used some of the fabric from the 3 garbage bags full that someone donated to me! I went through and got all the things I thought were useful! I got the idea from Jones Design Company! She made bunnies for her kid's Easter baskets this year, but she has 4 kids... SO happy I only had to make one! She got the idea from good old Martha Stewart! I didn't follow the pattern she suggested, but instead just did it on my own and I think it turned out so precious! I like that he has different colored arms and legs and his little button face! I did sew with pink thread his smile, but you can't see that too well on camera. I didn't think making a handmade toy would be so rewarding, but it really does mean more to me than just buying him something!

What are you doing for your children's Easter baskets this year!?