Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Sewing Machine!

I am so excited to announce that we are buying me a new sewing machine! We actually just hit the PURCHASE button on Ebay! It is a Brother SE400. It is an EMBROIDERY and SEWING machine!!! So, in a matter of weeks, I can begin to monogram your favorite items! I literally am so might just see everything transform in my house, because I plan on monogramming all sheets and towels, and pillow cases.

This is something that I have wanted for quite some time, and I'm so excited to retire that junky plastic teenage sewing machine that I first bought from Wal-mart! Who knew I would love sewing this much!?

Let me know if you need something monogrammed, because Designs By Sessa is your new monogramming destination!

Also, I plan on making my sweet niece a coming home present AND because I have been wanting a new sewing project to start on. I've decided that this darling summer frock is the one I want to make! 

It will be so darling with her monogram on it, don't you think?

In other, DBS news, a friend of my MIL donated 3 garbage bags full of fabric and ribbon, she cleaned out of her mother's home! I can't wait to go through everything and find some goodies and maybe some vintage fabric! I will post the pictures, once I've sat down long enough to make this!