Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monogramming Prices

Hi all! I've been busy sewing and haven't made it to posting my curtain tutorial for you! Sorry! It will happen, some time! Cai has been teething and I haven't been getting as much sleep as I would like!

I just thought I would go ahead and put some baseline prices on here for those of you that may be looking to get something embroidered by me!

I have a list of fonts that I will email you to choose from if you would like something embroidered/monogrammed!

Embroidery Prices:

One Letter (up to 4 inches) - $5
Three Letters (typical monogram) - $8
Name or Word* (7 letters or less) - $10
*Add .50 each for extra letters (7+)

Small group discount available for more than 5 items - 10% off

Let me know if you have an embroidery need! I hope to post some pictures of some of the things that I have embroidered lately for you! I can do baby hats, burp cloths, sheets, towels, clothing, etc.