Friday, May 20, 2011

Reversible Pillows with Piping and Envelope Backs

My friend, Kim Leong, asked me to sew her some pillow covers and do one window treatment in her house. I have made myself some pillows before, but never anything so involved. Mine (below):

I have never done piping or envelope backs. I have actually never even put in a zipper. I have watched someone once, but never attempted it myself. However, that didn't stop me. I looked up on Youtube different tutorials and planned out my strategy. I made a practice pillow that was slightly smaller and made adjustments where needed. Each time I sewed it got better and better, and by the third and fourth pillow, I really hit my stride! Something helpful was that I used my regular sewing foot for putting the piping onto one side of the fabric, THEN, I used my zipper foot to sew all pieces together. That's my helpful tip for you!

Here is what we started with:
Dull, Drab, and Boring! 

But, NO more, my friends! Here are the fun fabrics that Kim picked out! She wanted Bright and Cheery for her children's playroom futon/guest room.
We use Premier Prints Dandelion, Damask, and a Bird Fabric for one back and a Ty Pennington Coral Fabric for the center pillow!

I made them all reversible with envelope backs! And made three with Envelope backs to the side, so that you can flip them over and not have the envelope right down the center of the pillow. Here's the tutorial I used to study how to make Envelope backs.

I love the different options that you can get with using the reversible fabrics! This look is another favorite option of mine! 

We haven't done her window treatments yet, because I am busy this week working on The Mather Company's Window Treatments for their flip house! If I keep getting window business, I think I might have to go to school to become a professional at this, so I can work with designer's and other clients. That would be fun! Don't you think!?

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