Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Fun with Embroidery!

Summer Beach Essentials: Tote, Towel, Sun Hat, Swimsuit (above)
I've really been enjoying my new sewing/embroidery machine! It has been SO much fun! I have been so busy working on all kinds of projects for friends! I thought I would give you guys a glimpse of the fun I've been having and how adding a little monogram or name to even a Target towel or a plain swimsuit just spices things ups and makes things personal!
Towel and Toddler's Sun Hat w/Name Embroidery
Tote: I did this one for myself because I wasn't sure how it would come out! It turned out super cute though, don't you think?
Toddler Sun Hat w/Toddler Swimsuit
Here's Naomi in her sun hat and adorable Navy Ruffle Swimsuit with her Mongram...Can you tell I love doing things for my niece?
I've also enjoyed making her some bloomers!
I made several of these headbands for the student's at my mom's dance studio, too!
I have loved making things for other little babies, too! here is a yellow/blue combo Burp Cloth and Baby Boy Hat! 
And here is the precious sweet boy in his hat! 
I also wanted to try out a verse on a dish towel, so I made this one for Hart's mom! "Taste and see that the Lord is good" Psalm 34:8

Last, but not least is a dish towel with "Mrs" embroidered on it! Wouldn't that be such a fun gift for the bride to be?

Let me know if you see something you would like to have or give as a gift! Summer is such a great time for personalized items! 

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