Friday, June 17, 2011

Finished Flip House Curtains

Before I got brutally attacked by the stomach bug, I was able to finish and hang the curtains for the flip house. Remember my pottery barn inspiration?
Well, here is the BIG reveal:
Here are the valances that I sewed:
A big thanks to Sara Parker Photography for capturing these images for me! All of the listings at my husband's real estate company, The Mather Company, get their homes professionally photographed. I got the benefit on these, although since my hubby was taking me to get IV fluids, he couldn't tell her to get some close ups for me. This one is for sale, so if you know of an interested buyer, click here for more photos.

One curtain panel at pottery barn was $79 - $89. The total cost for ALL of my curtains compared to the pottery barn version was $90 (cost I charged to make them not included). That included the rods, both valances, piping and lining, the clearance target linen panels I used, and the taupe colored fabric. 

I think I did pretty good on the cost side of things and they look beautiful in my opinion! What do you think?