Sunday, June 5, 2011

Garage Sale Find!

Hey friends! I haven't been working on many sewing projects lately (that's about to change, because I have a super busy week ahead), but this past weekend I was helping with the Leong Family Adoption Yard Sale! I'm so excited that Designs By Sessa is doing well enough through your business that we will be able to do what my goal has been all along and that is helping out families that are adopting. Designs By Sessa has been able to donate a $20 gift card for any monogramming you will need to benefit the Leong Family! I have had a really blessed time getting to know Kim by working on her play room pillows and am so excited to be able to help her with adopting their next child! This is what Christianity is all about! I love the verse in the Bible that says that pure and undefiled religion is taking care of the widows and orphans (James 1:27) and while I don't know (if/when) we will be able to adopt, but I do know that I love to support other families through adoption!

I was shopping and found some really great stuff to bring home! I got this really cute rug for know the kind that looks like a road map and you can drive cars all over it? Little boys love that stuff!
I also found some things that I think should be adequately called...
"What NOT to Sew!!!"

Check this pillow sham OUT!
I was told that someone was SERIOUSLY considering buying these for their home and the people running the sale were SURPRISED when she didn't actually buy them. I mean...I don't know about you, but that is one CRAZY looking sham! I think I would pee my pants if someone asked me to SERIOUSLY sew this for them!

That's about as bad as some opossum fabric that was accidentally shipped to me once!
I couldn't believe opossum fabric existed and really enjoyed the laugh when this came instead of the cute fabric I had picked out to make someone a nursing cover!

Anyways, thanks for letting me make fun! And as always...
Thanks for Subscribing!