Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cai's 1st Birthday Theme: Dogs

I've really been having a hard time deciding on a birthday theme for Micaiah's 1st birthday! Just 2 months away! Out there in the blog world I have read about some really cute parties that some of my favorite bloggers have put together and while I don't want to go too crazy on something that he won't remember, it is his 1st birthday party EVER and an awesome way to highlight my love to CREATE things! I want to keep the majority of decorations handmade and simple.

When thinking through things that he loves, the number one thing that he goes crazy over are dogs! I even claim that he has SAID "dog" to me a couple times, but it's more like "Doogh" so who knows if it is really a real word, yet! Ha!

As many of you know, we have a dog, our first "baby", Abe. Remember the dog that will jump in the bath tub with any given opportunity?
Well, Micaiah LOVES Abe and every other 4 legged barking creature! So, even though the day we are throwing his party is the day of the Carolina vs. Georgia football game aka Gamecocks vs. BullDOGS, I am going ahead with it, because everything can't be about THEM, despite what my husband thinks! My husband told me, "Noooo! You can't do that! Just throw him a gamecock party!" The fact that, to my surprise, I found a huge Gamecocks poster plastered behind my son's door earlier this morning, might just be an indicator of Hart's reluctance to this dog theme. "Well, hunny, if your son loved the Gamecocks as much as some puppy dogs...then I might...maybe you should sing him the fight song a little more frequently!" I promise NOT to use a single Bulldog in his party and all other dogs will look like Abe or maybe Paisley.

I plan to incorporate some of other blogger's ideas! Here are some blogs that inspire me:

an OVER the top Rainbow Party
the ever so classy Nato Owl Party with tree stump appetizers
and a perfectly sweet little Peter Rabbit Picnic for little goldilocks

I love how put together these parties were and the thought that went into them! Hopefully, I can create something just as fun! I will share everything with you in the next month or so!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Chapel, A Skirt, and A Casserole Cover

This past weekend, our family traveled up to the foothills of SC. Believe it or not, the upstate of South Carolina is quite mountainous and breathtakingly beautiful. The venue for my husband's cousin's wedding was, by far, my most favorite location that I have ever attended! We wound round and round, up a mountain, until we came to this pleasant little chapel situated right on top.
The view was captivating.
We had the privilege to arrive before the guests since my husband and sister in law were playing music for the wedding, so I had fun with my camera and captured some of these favorites. 
I got to nurse in one of the side rooms and I loved the white roses in simple glass vases. 
These cuties kept catching my eye.
My favorite family photo:

I made this elastic waist skirt using this Freshly Picked Tutorial. Love, love, love Susan!
Cai got a quick nap in on the way to the reception where this little sweety couldn't wait to DANCE! A girl after my own heart!
Every bride needs an awesome wedding gift, right? Well, since I'm in the handmade business, I thought I would try out this Homemade by Jill inspired Casserole Cover from 2 Little Hooligans
I embroidered their last name on the carrier. That makes sense, right?
It's an insulated cover that uses Insul-Bright to keep your dish warm! So cute and trendy, don't you think? 
I used this Blue and White Paisley fabric and incorporated the handles that Jill added. 

A Giveaway You Don't Want to Miss!

When I started this blog site, I knew that I wanted to use it in a manner worthy of the Lord. I felt strongly that everything that was purchased would in some way benefit a Christian ministry or a family in need, whether that be adopting or in other circumstances. And it has been doing that. It's not just a showcase for some of the things that I make OR just copy from other wonderful bloggers, but a tool that I am using to minister to others. I learned a long time ago that I am NOT the center of the universe and I put my trust in Jesus and let Him be that for me. It's where I draw my strength from daily and where I find my creativity stem. God is the Creator. I only have to look around me to see the beauty in everything made by his hands!

Right now, there is a family in the middle of an adoption, the Leong's. You may remember them from when I made her some fun pillows with piping!

Designs by Sessa has donated two items to their Adoption Giveaway.

One is an awesome chunky black and white dot fabric necklace with a lime green ribbon and the other is a $20 gift certificate that can go towards anything on DBS! If you win the latter I will embroider $20 worth or make you something that you have seen like a nursing cover or apron or necklace or casserole cover, etc.

It only costs $5 to have one entry and each package is worth over $300 and has great gift cards for massages, free photography sessions and gift cards to restaurants like Bone Fish Grill! Head on over to the Leong's Blog to enter to win, and more importantly help give a needy child a blessed home!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monogramming: A Southern Thing?

Monogramming and embroidery are common in the South! Particularly in the Sunshine State that I live, you see it ALL the time. A lot of Northerners just DON'T Get it! I was just at a baby shower this past weekend and practically EVERY gift given had some kind of personalized touch, EVEN, some pac-n-play sheets!

I gave my signature nursing cover complete with the soon-to-be mom's monogram. It got me to thinking about other places that we seem to place them! It is even common to see them on the back of cars riding around our city!
 I thought I might just give you a taste of the places that I have added to my own home, mostly, because I have nothing better to blog about today!

I just took a pillowcase monogramming class! It was so much fun! We made the pillowcases out of 100% cotton and I love how mine turned out!
{Sorry for the wrinkles...I have been sleeping on it!}
{Above is our bed made up. I love this pillow in the center. It was a wedding gift and it's just such a nice touch}
{In our  bathroom, I love the monogrammed soap from Williams-Sonoma.}
{Our couch has a red silk pillow with a monogram that has been there since we got married}
{And our dining room, while not a monogram is a visible reminder for me to "pray without ceasing!"}
A monogram can make anything look personalize and add a nice decorating touch! Enjoy!

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby Legs with Linked Tutorial

I've got a crawler on my hands and that means scuffed knees! I've seen boutique baby legs in stores, and while totally adorable, I thought to myself... "I can MAKE that!" They average about $12 for one pair. I just used a pair of my old socks to make these for Cai. Since it is summer, I felt like the shorter version of the baby legs would be best. You can use knee highs or crew cut socks and it takes only a few minutes to make!

{My husband and I joked that when he was in only a diaper, a t-shirt, and his baby legs, he kind of looked like an 80's aerobic instructor!}

If you are the tiniest bit a seamstress, you can do this! I watched the video HERE over at Kimberly Michelle's site and found it really helpful! The biggest tip I found was to MAKE SURE ALL THREE OF YOUR PIECES ARE TOGETHER WHILE SEWING! Since there are so many baby legs tutorials out there, I just thought I would direct you to this great one if you are interested! These would make super cute gifts for a baby shower...just make sure you buy new socks for them!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Moo Cow Onsie

July 8th is Cow Appreciation Day at our favorite fast food restaurant...Chick-fil-a! If you have never eaten at Chick-fil-a it is absolutely THE BEST! Today, if you dressed up like a cow, each person received a complete free meal! We invited a bunch of friends and had a blast! While I took the easy way out with my costume and my husband's, I had to create something really fun and unique for Cai's first Cow Day!

Introducing the Moo Cow Onsie:

To make this onsie, you will need:
1 plain white onsie
black embroidery thread & stabilizing material
pink material for the udder (in this case a wash cloth)
black minky dot fabric

I went ahead and did the embroidery on my onsie first, while it was embroidering the "MOO" in Westway font in Pacesetter, I cut out 4 different patches of the black minky dot and a circle out of the wash cloth material. Pin all your dots on your onsie. After done embroidering, sew around each fabric patch, then go back around each patch with a zig zag stich. Throw the onsie in the dryer to get all the lint and fuzz off and you are good to go!

Isn't it so cute!?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cardboard Name Art Tutorial

My sister-in-law and I have been wanting to do some name art over our babies' cribs. My craft side of my brain started spinning as soon as she told me what she was envisioning! We picked out some really fun fabric and I got to work! This is the finished result and my tutorial for how to make your own cardboard name art! I hope you enjoy!

{First decide which font you want to use and print off each letter as large as you can in Word. Then, decide what ribbons and fabrics you want to cover each letter}
{Find a good sturdy piece of cardboard to this case the Picture People box that my matted photos came in. You could also use several layers of cereal boxes glued together.}
{Cut out each letter from the computer paper and trace the letter on your cardboard. Depending on how thick your cardboard is, you may need to trace each letter a few times. I did mine twice.}
{Cut out everything. Have someone help, like your sweet mother-in-law.}
{After that, glue your two layers together using some type of glue. Elmer's (& hot glue) worked fine for me, but you can use Mod Podge, too.}
{Hot glue all over the top of the letter and lay your letter face down on your fabric pieces. Then, just cut and shape your fabric around the letter. It helps to cut little notches in the fabric on the curvy parts of the letters, as you fold them around the sides. I didn't take a picture of this, because there isn't much to see. Just glue the fabric around the letter pieces and glue your ribbons to the back.}
{Naomi Cardboard Name Art}
I want to do one for Micaiah soon! I will post the boy version once I do that! Bed rest prevented me from finisishing his room off and 9 months after his birth, I have yet to finish it! Oh, well, that's life!