Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby Legs with Linked Tutorial

I've got a crawler on my hands and that means scuffed knees! I've seen boutique baby legs in stores, and while totally adorable, I thought to myself... "I can MAKE that!" They average about $12 for one pair. I just used a pair of my old socks to make these for Cai. Since it is summer, I felt like the shorter version of the baby legs would be best. You can use knee highs or crew cut socks and it takes only a few minutes to make!

{My husband and I joked that when he was in only a diaper, a t-shirt, and his baby legs, he kind of looked like an 80's aerobic instructor!}

If you are the tiniest bit a seamstress, you can do this! I watched the video HERE over at Kimberly Michelle's site and found it really helpful! The biggest tip I found was to MAKE SURE ALL THREE OF YOUR PIECES ARE TOGETHER WHILE SEWING! Since there are so many baby legs tutorials out there, I just thought I would direct you to this great one if you are interested! These would make super cute gifts for a baby shower...just make sure you buy new socks for them!

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