Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cai's 1st Birthday Theme: Dogs

I've really been having a hard time deciding on a birthday theme for Micaiah's 1st birthday! Just 2 months away! Out there in the blog world I have read about some really cute parties that some of my favorite bloggers have put together and while I don't want to go too crazy on something that he won't remember, it is his 1st birthday party EVER and an awesome way to highlight my love to CREATE things! I want to keep the majority of decorations handmade and simple.

When thinking through things that he loves, the number one thing that he goes crazy over are dogs! I even claim that he has SAID "dog" to me a couple times, but it's more like "Doogh" so who knows if it is really a real word, yet! Ha!

As many of you know, we have a dog, our first "baby", Abe. Remember the dog that will jump in the bath tub with any given opportunity?
Well, Micaiah LOVES Abe and every other 4 legged barking creature! So, even though the day we are throwing his party is the day of the Carolina vs. Georgia football game aka Gamecocks vs. BullDOGS, I am going ahead with it, because everything can't be about THEM, despite what my husband thinks! My husband told me, "Noooo! You can't do that! Just throw him a gamecock party!" The fact that, to my surprise, I found a huge Gamecocks poster plastered behind my son's door earlier this morning, might just be an indicator of Hart's reluctance to this dog theme. "Well, hunny, if your son loved the Gamecocks as much as some puppy dogs...then I might...maybe you should sing him the fight song a little more frequently!" I promise NOT to use a single Bulldog in his party and all other dogs will look like Abe or maybe Paisley.

I plan to incorporate some of other blogger's ideas! Here are some blogs that inspire me:

an OVER the top Rainbow Party
the ever so classy Nato Owl Party with tree stump appetizers
and a perfectly sweet little Peter Rabbit Picnic for little goldilocks

I love how put together these parties were and the thought that went into them! Hopefully, I can create something just as fun! I will share everything with you in the next month or so!