Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cardboard Name Art Tutorial

My sister-in-law and I have been wanting to do some name art over our babies' cribs. My craft side of my brain started spinning as soon as she told me what she was envisioning! We picked out some really fun fabric and I got to work! This is the finished result and my tutorial for how to make your own cardboard name art! I hope you enjoy!

{First decide which font you want to use and print off each letter as large as you can in Word. Then, decide what ribbons and fabrics you want to cover each letter}
{Find a good sturdy piece of cardboard to this case the Picture People box that my matted photos came in. You could also use several layers of cereal boxes glued together.}
{Cut out each letter from the computer paper and trace the letter on your cardboard. Depending on how thick your cardboard is, you may need to trace each letter a few times. I did mine twice.}
{Cut out everything. Have someone help, like your sweet mother-in-law.}
{After that, glue your two layers together using some type of glue. Elmer's (& hot glue) worked fine for me, but you can use Mod Podge, too.}
{Hot glue all over the top of the letter and lay your letter face down on your fabric pieces. Then, just cut and shape your fabric around the letter. It helps to cut little notches in the fabric on the curvy parts of the letters, as you fold them around the sides. I didn't take a picture of this, because there isn't much to see. Just glue the fabric around the letter pieces and glue your ribbons to the back.}
{Naomi Cardboard Name Art}
I want to do one for Micaiah soon! I will post the boy version once I do that! Bed rest prevented me from finisishing his room off and 9 months after his birth, I have yet to finish it! Oh, well, that's life!