Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Chapel, A Skirt, and A Casserole Cover

This past weekend, our family traveled up to the foothills of SC. Believe it or not, the upstate of South Carolina is quite mountainous and breathtakingly beautiful. The venue for my husband's cousin's wedding was, by far, my most favorite location that I have ever attended! We wound round and round, up a mountain, until we came to this pleasant little chapel situated right on top.
The view was captivating.
We had the privilege to arrive before the guests since my husband and sister in law were playing music for the wedding, so I had fun with my camera and captured some of these favorites. 
I got to nurse in one of the side rooms and I loved the white roses in simple glass vases. 
These cuties kept catching my eye.
My favorite family photo:

I made this elastic waist skirt using this Freshly Picked Tutorial. Love, love, love Susan!
Cai got a quick nap in on the way to the reception where this little sweety couldn't wait to DANCE! A girl after my own heart!
Every bride needs an awesome wedding gift, right? Well, since I'm in the handmade business, I thought I would try out this Homemade by Jill inspired Casserole Cover from 2 Little Hooligans
I embroidered their last name on the carrier. That makes sense, right?
It's an insulated cover that uses Insul-Bright to keep your dish warm! So cute and trendy, don't you think? 
I used this Blue and White Paisley fabric and incorporated the handles that Jill added.