Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monogramming: A Southern Thing?

Monogramming and embroidery are common in the South! Particularly in the Sunshine State that I live, you see it ALL the time. A lot of Northerners just DON'T Get it! I was just at a baby shower this past weekend and practically EVERY gift given had some kind of personalized touch, EVEN, some pac-n-play sheets!

I gave my signature nursing cover complete with the soon-to-be mom's monogram. It got me to thinking about other places that we seem to place them! It is even common to see them on the back of cars riding around our city!
 I thought I might just give you a taste of the places that I have added to my own home, mostly, because I have nothing better to blog about today!

I just took a pillowcase monogramming class! It was so much fun! We made the pillowcases out of 100% cotton and I love how mine turned out!
{Sorry for the wrinkles...I have been sleeping on it!}
{Above is our bed made up. I love this pillow in the center. It was a wedding gift and it's just such a nice touch}
{In our  bathroom, I love the monogrammed soap from Williams-Sonoma.}
{Our couch has a red silk pillow with a monogram that has been there since we got married}
{And our dining room, while not a monogram is a visible reminder for me to "pray without ceasing!"}
A monogram can make anything look personalize and add a nice decorating touch! Enjoy!

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