Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby Boy Pajama Pants.... or are they scrubs?

I really wanted to order the Made by Rae Big Butt Baby Pants to try out! Still do! However, this girl is kind of on a budget AND a little impatient and I had in my head that I wanted to make some pajama pants for Cai right THEN! That led me to thinking... how hard can it be to sew some pajama pants for a baby?  

Well, a little harder than I had thought! I haven't ever put in an elastic waistband OR made any kind of pants EVER, so um...I totally ended up with 2 crotches at first AND got mad at these pants when I wasn't paying attention to the embroidery the machine was doing and it snagged in some material that I had to seam rip out. I hate seam ripping, but it is what produces ongoing growth in the fruit of the Spirit aspect of my life, so I patiently sit and rip out those tiny seams all while telling the pants how much I hate them!

They turned out kind of cute, despite the errors I made, and I figure...they are just for sleeping, so who cares!

I like how Rae adds in an extra portion of fabric over the diaper area. I didn't do any of that....I was too busy trying to figure out how to sew together these pieces, but I can see the advantages of her way, for sure! Plus, we cloth diaper at times and the extra room would be nice!
My model wouldn't sit still, so I had to be quick with my lame camera!

I added some piping to the bottom of the pants and rolled them up to have the cuff look.

Paging Dr. they look a little scub-ish?

My machine came with this sailboat PES file. I've been wanting to try it out. This was as big as the file would go. Totally lame, but still kind of cute! Then, I just embroidered "Sail Away with me" on the other side to finish the sailboat theme! What do you think?