Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Button Hair Clips

So, I haven't had too much time to sew or craft the last week and a half. I took Cai to Memphis to visit my best friend that just had a baby recently and now I am taking care of another cutie for a friend for the next week and a half! We had a GREAT time in Memphis! You can read my post about Memphis over HERE for a little recap!

While in Memphis, we wandered into a little boutique that had vintage and handmade items. My eyes hit some fun button hair clip eye candy. Cute idea. One that totally could be done with a hot glue gun and your left over buttons! I decided to try out my own versions. I realized I had some really unique buttons and put some together to get these looks! What do you think?

I just used clips I already had, but it kind of works out for you to see different versions. The more traditional buttons (pink/white) was what I saw in the boutique. The others were just ones I created. I love the nautical one, but may put it on a bobby pin, because I don't like how it is kind of raised with that clip. Then, I did hand sew the buttons on the head band. I just used an athletic non-slip hair band for that one! I literally made these in 10 minutes, so go raid your button stash and come up with something cute!