Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dog Bone Themed Birthday Invitation

Last night, Hart (on the computer) and I (at his side), worked on designing this invitation for Micaiah's 1st birthday! After changing my mind a million times. This is what we came up with!!! I thought I would share with my bloggers.
I couldn't help, but be a little corny with the "paw-ty" play on words! That was the ONLY one that Hart would allow me to use! He said no to every other lame idea I came up with like... "Doggone fun" or "Tail Waggin' party".... you get the idea! After telling him all of my random dog birthday party ideas, Hart wanted to "honestly know" if people really did things like this for a one year old's birthday party or if I secretly just wanted to blog about all of this! Too funny! No, he really is being a good sport about this whole thing! But, you will have to stay posted to find out the fun things I have in store for Cai's 1st PAW-TY!