Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fruit of the Spirit Hemstitched Towels & More Baby Legs

A client asked me to embroider three hemstitched towels with three fruits of the Spirit on each one! I LOVED the idea, but was SO nervous that I would mess one of these up! I mean the likelyhood that I could get them all lined up so perfectly was by God's grace alone! I prayed through each one. Yelled to Hart in the other room to pray. And here they are.... an embroidery miracle for you to enjoy!

They really do make an awesome gift or are perfect for your guest bathroom! If you are looking for a great price on Hemstiched towels visit this shop.
Before I left for Memphis, I monogrammed these bloomers to this adorable Old Navy outfit! I wish I could claim that I embroidered the front on the shirt dress, too! It's so pretty!

And I sewed some more Baby Legs and embroidered some plain white onsies for the explosion of babies being born in my life right now. I'd like to call this my "Crawler Set". There is nothing cuter than sticking your cute little crawler in some baby legs and a onsie and letting them scaddadle across the floor!

Whimsy font w/pink stripped baby leg:

Whistle font w/blue stripped baby leg (the above and below two babies already have an arranged marriage - really their mother's are best friends- so I thought they needed coordinating onsies):

And then, of course, Sweet Nola (font - Run Script), who is actually coming for a visit VERY soon! Can't wait to hold that little girl again!

Font close ups... I just love how this one looks like it's hand embroidered! I usually go over it twice with this font, so that it is darker.

For the client: As always, let me know if you need to embroider anything and if you are an embroidery lover like me, then just enjoy the fun!

For the embroidery lover: If you ever want to embroider a onsie, the trick is to NOT use Gerber onsies. They are too small and they are too thin. These onsies are Carter's brand 9 - 12 m. The other important trick is to use at least TWO sheets of stabilizer material and make sure you stretch the onsies really well over the hoop. Make sure you have the right needle in your machine. I used the Gold colored needle for stretchy fabrics, your manual should have a page that tells you which needle to use for which types of fabric. Email me if you have questions about that.