Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gerlach Adoption: Hoodie Towel Hugs for Issie

I just wanted to let my reader's know that the Leong's ended up raising $700 in their blog giveaway that featured two DBS items! What a huge praise to the Lord God Almighty!!! I know that family is so happy they made so much money and we are so thankful that you guys got to be part of it! My heart just smiles knowing that they are a tad bit closer to bringing their baby home!

I'm on to a new family that are adopting their little boy from Africa! The Gerlachs! Carla is probably one of my closest Columbia friends! I love her! She has a passion for Jesus and is always so giving and loving. "Do you know what I mean?" (Probably...the phrase she says most, that I have inherently picked up from being around her so much!) Carla is also the first person that really, seriously, taught me how to sew! She is such a great teacher and I am her proud protege!

Carla makes these amazing personalized Children's Hooded Towels... They have their letter on the back in coordinating fabric that wraps around the hood!
Cai LOVES his! (Although he doesn't look so sure right here....) I have used his since his birth! These hooded towels are so much better than those little dinky towels everyone gives you that your baby grows out of by 6 months. These wrap them up and around and are so soft and snuggly and will last them until they are age 5! We take ours to the beach, to the pool, and for bath time! I often think to myself...I think I need 3 more of these!

Right now, Carla is taking orders from her blog. She is calling them Hoodie Towel Hugs {for Issie} (a nickname of their son they are adopting in Africa)!

If you are anything like me, then you need to see some options before you order! I have put together some towels and fabrics for you, so that you can get an idea of what you could select when ordering a towel from Carla! The options are limitless, but I liked these looks.
All photos from and

Cost: $30 each or 2 for $55
If shipping is needed: $5
You pick the towel color, fabric design, and font for your intial!

You can find out all of the details about ordering one for yourself or your little one from her blog HERE! Know that by buying a hoodie towel, you will be directly supporting their adoption and the $5000 they still need to raise! 

{Contact ME if you have an item you would like to have featured to be sold that would benefit a Christian ministry or family in need or adopting! Thanks!}