Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My OTHER Closet of Doom!

Some of you know that Anne totally helped me with my hall Closet of Doom posted on our family blog! I won her organizational contest and she gave me some wonderful tips on keeping things neat and tidy! Well, I hate to break it to you, but I have ANOTHER closet of doom that was lurking for 2+ years that has never been organized since moving in, either!

I finally took the design plunge and got sucked into the pretty picture perfect world of Pinterest. I would say my covetous self is completely in love. I could give you every excuse why it is worth my time OR I could just show you.... the following photo was "pinned" onto my board two days ago. It completely inspired me....sheets stored in their own pillow cases!

If ONLY I could make my linen closet look that nice! Instead, I did have some impovement. I went from this...
To this...

I did put the sheets in their pillow cases, but I have NO idea how to fold my sheets to make them look that nice and not so bulky! At least they ARE more organized and easy to find AND still in their pillow cases! I'm proud to announce that I have one less Closet of Doom in my home!

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