Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paper Bead Necklaces from Uganda

I have another way for you to help out our current adopting family, the Gerlachs! They are in the middle of an adoption process to adopt the MOST precious little boy from Africa. I honestly wish I were allowed to post a picture of him on this blog, because literally, every single one of you would buy as many necklaces that your budget would allow if you could see him! He is an adorable 17 month old that is waiting for a court date in Africa! I can post this one of Carla and the back of this little one's head! Ha!

You can pray that their courts and lawyers will act quickly, because it has been a very long drawn out process for this family. They know that it is in God's perfect timing, but are ready for their date! They currently still need $5,000 for travel! They had a friend bring back 70 necklaces from Uganda to do some fund raising for the remaining costs of their adoption! I want to help them raise it all and I need YOU dear readers to help, too! Let me introduce you to these beautiful Paper Bead Necklaces from Uganda!


All of these necklaces are hand made by Ugandans. I have two and I honestly can wear them with EVERYTHING! I love all the colors and shapes of the beads!

If you love them as much as I do, here is a message from Carla on how to order one (or two or three) for your friends. They would be perfect Christmas presents for co-workers, too!

Carla says:

Necklaces are $15 each or 2 for $27! (Shipping is $3 if needed)
We are waiting for a court date to bring home our 17 month old from Uganda and we still need about $5,000 for travel! We are doing some creative fundraising but we also have complete confidence that the Lord is going to provide!

Our blog paypal address is​/donateorpay/ ---just put your name, email address, and color choice in the subject line!

There is also an option to order the Hooded Towels that Carla makes on her blog, too!