Monday, August 29, 2011

Refinished Sewing Desk: Before & After

Quite some time ago, my mother-in-law found this wicker desk on the side of the road.
She stopped, threw it into the car, and gave it to me proclaiming, "I have the perfect desk for your sewing machine!" She also handed us about 5 bottle of spray paint and a scaper.

It had a veneer top that was really waterdamaged, but underneath was a solid piece of wood. One  man's trash is another DIY's treasure!

Hart went off to a Men's Retreat from church and I decided that I needed to accomplish something on Saturday! I went around the house and decided today was the DAY for working on this desk project!

I scraped and scraped this veneer off and was still working on it several hours later when the hubby came home and stepped in to help finish her off. I found the secret to getting things done around the house...start myself, because then the hubby has to help finish! Ha! No, he really is a great husband, but so often I don't want to start a project, because I want him to have a relaxing weekend, but we realized this weekend that we missed working on things like this together, so our new plan is to attempt some new projects together!

We sanded, caulked, waited, painted and transformed this blah space from this...

To this... my new sewing area in our office/sewing room/musical instrument space/guest room...

What do you guys think?!