Monday, September 12, 2011

Blogging Pet Peeve

Well, sweet readers (that's your new name, btw), I finally have found a blogging pet peeve!

Do you want to know what it is? I know I'm silly!

Not answering an email back with some kind of response or acknowledgement! 

Running a blog is really, REALLY, time consuming. I get it! I have a baby and a husband and a house I clean weekly, among other things! I write out my thoughts, post my projects, and want to share life with those in Blog Land! Half the time I feel like I'm writing to a sea of internet glop that no one reads and half the time I get really encouraging comments, mostly from my real life friends, that make me remember why I am doing this blog thing in the first place!

If you blog, you read blogs, and something happens.... you get ATTACHED! It's like Facebook, but worse, because you relate to these personal experiences and what is going on in their lives and all of a sudden you have some strange attachment and feel like you just had coffee with a best friend. You look up and realize you are sitting by yourself and that odd feeling washes over you... they don't even know who I am!  But we are SO similar! We would totally be best blog friends, for reals, right?

I silly, but so true! You know, I'm not crazy!

There have been a couple of bloggers that I just love, grew to just feel like their blog is a friend and actually took time out of my life to email (not just comment)!

I think it is a true test of blogging character to see the response! I hope that if you ever email me, I will always email you back! I hope that if you ask a question, I will always show you that you are important! I think for me, I want to be a real life friend in the blog world! I honestly feel like I have a few of those and it is so great!

So, do you have a pet peeve...or am I just kind of coo-coo this evening!?