Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cai turned 1! Paw-ty Details

I have been so busy recuperating from our big ONE YEAR old birthday weekend, that my blogs have gotten hardly any attention...poor babies.

Our weekend was jam packed full of family and fun and lots of birthday-ness!

Cai turned ONE!
You can read a lot more about the party on our family blog if you are interested!

Do y'all (yes, I'm from the south and we actually say y'all ALL the TIME) wanna know something funny? I put so much effort into the details of Cai's day, then totally forgot to take decent photos! I handed my camera to my husband and this is what I got in return of actual party details:
That just makes me laugh. Lesson learned. I'm the memory keeper here. Got it! LOL! No close up of the cup cakes or even his cake!

That's okay. We got some of these others!
We had a memory banner that showed each month with his Fievel. Fievel was my brother's and my stuffed animal when young and the largest one we owned when Cai was born, so there we go! See...I'm too busy being the host or maybe eating the food to even smile for the camera!
I will give you props on this last one, hubby! We had dog bowls (borrowed from a friend). I ordered a cookie cutter from amazon that was dog bone shaped to make those sugar cookies and Hart made "Puppy Chow". All of my tissue pom decorations were made from Dollar Tree tissue paper using Martha Stewart as my guide. We used scoops instead of serving utensils. My other hanging decorations and that blue trellis paper in the center was from the Target Dollar bin!  It was so simple to put together!
Since I used wrapping paper (the blue trellis paper) I had to use two sheets back to back when making these, but they are super cute! I love how they turned out! Tip Junkie has the how-tos on these!

Mostly, we just enjoyed the day and enjoyed our sweet blessing from God! He loved his cake!
It was really fun seeing him dig in and get cake everywhere!