Friday, September 16, 2011

One Year Pics

Remember when I shared how to applique with an embroidery machine? Well, this is how it turned out on Cai's big day!
Some of you asked me where I got the plain t-shirts. They were from The Children's Place on the clearance rack for $1.99. I also found some plain stripped shirts at Wal-mart that I plan to applique at some other time for $1. You can't beat that! If you find a cheap t-shirt, then buy the applique pattern for a few dollars, it is really worth it!

The only other thing I embroidered for my little cutie for his big day was this USC jersey, per my husband's request.
Some of you have asked me if I ever feel like I really need a larger embroidery field. I have a Brother SE 400 that does a 4 x 4 inch area. Most of the time, I am happy with just the 4 inch area. It does great with baby stuff, and other gifts I make for people. It is times like this, though, when I would like a larger field, so that I could make a longer name larger. I used the Pep Rally font from my Pacesetter program when embroidering this jersey.

*TIP*When embroidering a silky fabric, make sure you use two sheets of thicker stabilizer material, so that it is easier and won't pucker and pull around the letters!

ON another note, I'm not sure if we are going to get 1 year photos professional done or what. We haven't really talked about doing it. We did a big photo thing at 9 months. I was feeling artistic and decided to take my point and shoot outside and take a few of Micaiah on his actual birthday this past Wednesday.

And one more...
My husband came home and thought it was pretty funny that I put our son inside of a suitcase. Haha!

I love this hand embroidered smocked jon-jon. I plan on learning how to hand embroider a smocked outfit at some point in life! I think this one is from a garage sale of all places... I love a deal! And I'm super happy with how these photos turned out! Sometimes you just need a burst of creativity to make things happen! While I dream of someday having my own Canon Rebel or Nikon.... It's amazing what you can do just with Picasa and your point and shoot!

I hope you guys have a great weekend (& week)! We will be heading off to our family beach trip! So, I probably won't be blogging much! Thanks Mom for house sitting! :)