Thursday, September 8, 2011

Upcycled Doll Stroller

A few months back, I found that someone had thrown out this doll stroller on the side of the road. I put it in the back of my REAL "doll" stroller and push us all home. 

It had this faded rainforest fabric seat and rear basket. But this cute little niece of mine needed something way cuter than that ugly thing...
I thought it would be the perfect 1st Birthday present to upcycle that doll stroller and make something cute!This is how it turned out!

I used the old fabric that was on the stroller as my pattern and picked out the polka dot fabric. I don't know the name of the polka dot fabric, because it was given to me in a bunch of other fabric from a friend's grandma that passed away. I do believe the piping fabric is Amy Butler and I know the green damask Amsterdam is Premier Prints from They are all remnants I had just enough of to produce everything!

I used ribbon to tie it to the stroller instead of velcro and I used several of the flower tutorials from Jones Design Company as a guide.

I embroidered a "D" for Dixon on the stroller and hand sewed the flowers to the front. In the back I used a white quilted fabric that was thicker to hold the shape better and re-used the netting from the old basket for the new basket, complete with leg holes for baby #2, of course!

There's also a hidden little basket underneath to put a baby bottle or something underneath.

I spray painted the whole frame this light green color and ta-da...a brand new doll stroller for my sweet girl!

We had a great time at her party! I loved her cupcake cake! Both of us are using the Wilton's Giant Cupcake pan as the birthday cake this year!

There were these cute cupcakes for other's to enjoy! I thought the ones in the middle top with 2 colors were so cool! In order to make a cupcake have that look, you frost 2 sides of the cupcake with different color icing and drag a toothpick from one side of the cup cake to the other, alternating drags and you get a neat looking cupcake!

To read more about her party you can click on over to our family blog! Here are our cuties in the swing that their MiMi and Pops made for them as a birthday present! I'm so excited to get ours this weekend!