Saturday, October 15, 2011

DBS Needs Families!

As you know the primary reason why I run this blog is to help raise awareness for families that are adopting! I need some new families! Do you know any? Please email me their blog/info, so I can get in touch with them!

Sometimes I forget why I am sewing, blogging, crafting and I get caught up in the blog world and then I come back to reality. This blog isn't about me. It's about my love for God and my love for helping those around me.

So far, DBS has helped 2 families in their fundraising for their adoptions! That's 2 babies that have homes. Two babies that will be loved.

I am happy to announce that The Gerlachs have arrived safe home from Africa and that Israel is theirs! I can't wait to meet him!!! And the Leongs have a due date for a boy and currently have 2 ways to help raise more adoptions funds. Visit their blog to know more! Congrats on that bundle to come!

Adoption is close to my heart, because I feel like it is such a beautiful thing that is spread throughout the entire Bible about God's love for us. Hart and I hope to adopt our next child, but before we get to that, I want to help others that are bringing the unloved into their homes to be their  forever families!

Maybe you read a blog about a family adopting and you want to pass them along to me or me on to them! I need your help in finding them!

And don't forget about the cloth shoe giveaway! There's nothing like a giveaway to make your knees wobble and wonder if people actually read your blog, but I am so thankful you guys are coming through! It started off slow, but now you guys are entering left and right (shoe pun, uh huh?!)! I can't wait to see who wins!