Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finished Oven Chalkboard!

Today, Hart and I finished the oven chalkboard! Remember when I showed you the before photos on this post? Remember that ugly plexi glass? I know you think I forgot about this project. Nope, I'm just slow. I'm a mom and I take on way too many crafts at once all while taking care of my family. Sound familiar to you? Here's another look at the before.
That plexi glass was disgusting. You have no idea. It was actually YELLOWish in color when taking it off the wall. Yes, I'm serious. It is now in the recycle bin. We went from this...
 To this....
So much better, right?
We still have to caulk the holes, but we were out of spackling and I needed this to get done, before my crazy sewing challenge week that is coming up!

If you are wondering about painting the walls, well, I finally decided after staring at the colorwheel and paint chips for what seemed like forever, that I actually didn't mind the wall color that much. It actually suits the kitchen well and saved us money not to paint. I did finally deal with the super cluttered stuff that was on the countertops and the catch all for mail. I'm also still working on another smaller chalkboard to put up in place of our dry erase board.

Project Breakdown:

The cost for this project was $0. I got the leftover chalkboard paint from my mom's dance studio. The oval shape is actually a mirror that we had on our screened porch that I was using flat as a planter, because I didn't know what to do with it. This was the framed wicker mirror before.
We ripped off the back and got the mirror out. There was one area that wasn't perfectly round, so that's when I decided to make the fabric flowers from remnants I had from other sewing projects and a busted pearl fake necklace.
I primed the mirror with a coat of spray paint and then did 2 coats of chalkboard paint. We hot glued a picture hanger to the back and Hart hung it up! We gave each other a high five and now I'm wondering HOW IN THE WORLD I LIVED WITH THAT PLEXI GLASS FOR 2.5 years? This is so much better! What do you think!?