Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting a New Camera & A Baby Shower

Can I tell you how excited I am about the fact that God is giving me a new camera!?!?! I have been wanting a nice entry-level dslr camera for about 6 months strong now. They are pricey, but I just decided to trust God to provide one if it was his will! And he is! My best friend Stephanie got an amazing deal on TWO Canon Rebels and I am buying one from her! I am using my Annibirthmas Money for it and she is being a super super amazing BFF and giving us a deal, too! (Annibirthmas is our wedding anniversary, my birthday, and Christmas all in one. It's a term I coined, because they all fall within the same week in our house!) Hopefully, my blog photos will improve dramatically!

This past week, I have been avoiding blogging for the most part, but that is because I helped throw a baby shower Wednesday evening for The Leongs who now know they are adopting a baby boy in less than a week! Whoo! And in part, because I traveled to visit with my SIL in Greenville. I did manage a little sewing/embroidering for gifts, but I didn't take many pictures. I thought I would show you the baby shower we put together for Kim even though my pictures are so terrible! I literally was running around crazy getting my house clean and then hosting, because it was at my house.
We kept it easy and simple. A chalkboard, a Ball jar full of yellow tulips, and some yummy desserts!
Some blue and white polka dot place mats and some bubbly glass plates with matching napkins.

I sewed/embroidered this banner for their son Isaac, which means laughter.
I used a blue/white stripey fabric I had on hand, some baby blue fabric, and some canvas with a khaki rograin ribbon. It's too easy. You literally sew two triangle pieces right sides together (doing the embroidery first, of course), leave a 2 inch opening, then turn out and sew a ribbon on top/front. I love how it turned out!

I also did some burp cloths and some onsies, which all turned out cute, but didn't take any photos!