Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Make Baby Mittens

We've got a little cold snap going here in SC. My main issue is little cold hands and feet! Tonight, I whipped up a couple pairs of baby mittens, the kind without a thumb that just slide on, hopefully not being pulled off, but probably pulled off. Whatever the odds, I want to TRY to keep those little baby fingers from turning to ice. I thought I would make a little tutorial for you to try out, too.

You will need:
-Some fleece (use some scraps or 1/4 of a yard will do)
-some 1/4 inch elastic, 12 inches (2 pieces 6 inches in length)

I decided to personalize mine first. If you have an embroidery machine, then go ahead and do these 2 steps first. If not, then skip down below to where it says SEWING. I used fleece, so I didn't line them, but if you want to line them, you can just cut out your outer fabric as you are going along and make sure to sew those pieces together and turn right sides out before following the rest of the tutorial.
Put Fabric on Hoop with stabilizer underneath.
Embroider whatever you want, in this case the letter N using Pacesetter's Baked Fresh font.
SEWING: Fold your fabric over itself or lay your piece of fabric on another piece of fabric.
Cut out a rounded circle with straight sides according to how large your baby's hand can just go with the flow here or trace your baby's hand to judge.
Use that set as your pattern and lay it on top of your other folded fabric and cut around it.
So now you should have two sets of cut mittens. Put right sides together and sew around the mitten edge 1/4 inch hem. Like so...
Make sure they are inside out and fold the bottom edge back 3/4 of an inch and then sew down making sure to leave an inch opening to slide your elastic through. When sewing, go slow, and be careful not to sew down other fabric underneath your foot. It's easy to catch other fabric when sewing something so small, but you can do it!
Put a safety pin on the end of one side of the elastic and feed it through til it comes out the other end. I hate this part, but don't get frustrated, because it's a tiny mitt and it comes through fast!
Do it for the other mitten as well and sew the elastic ends together. You can overlap them OR just lay them right on top of each other and sew back and forth a couple times. I did the latter. The tighter the elastic the more scrunchy it will be. Make sure your child can get his whole hand through your opening!
Trim any threads, then sew up the opening, being careful not to catch any fabric underneath your foot once again.
Turn right side out and you have mittens!
Make some for everyone you know! Make some for Christmas presents! A baby gift? Cute and simple!
Don't sew? I will make some for you! Email me and I will make some for you for about $10 + $2 shipping. Pink or Grey as shown. Your choice of letter and font.