Monday, October 10, 2011

KCWC Day 1: Moccasins

Today was kind of crazy! We had internet people come to the house and then Micaiah was a fussy mess who barely slept all day. Our dog escaped (more like the internet people didn't SHUT the gate BACK) while we were shopping at Target and going to the gym. Micaiah screamed crying for 20 straight minutes, so I barely got a workout and we finished the day with visiting our Pediatrician who revealed that Micaiah's ears are in pretty bad shape and we meet with the ENT on Wednesday to discuss tubes. All that to say, I finished my 1st item on my project list: soft sole shoes; moccasin style!
I honestly keep surprising myself at how cute this stuff is that I keep making!
Have you ever seen Freshly Picked moccasins by Susan? They are to die for! Kind of pricey, but amazing nonetheless! I have no idea how she makes hers, but I found this free PDF pattern for soft sole shoes and decided to make mine with suede. I basically followed the tutorial at makingitfun, but revamped them to make them moccasins by adding an extra strip of fabric around the heel, which I cut in strips and an extra square piece I sewed on the front of the shoe and cut up to give it that moccasin look.

Those shoes I made for Cai actually came from this skirt my mom found at a garage sale for $1.
It was a pretty skirt, but it didn't fit right around the waist and I had better things in mind. However, I felt SO bad cutting up such a nicely made skirt!

I used a pair of shoes that currently fit Cai and the pattern from the tutorial above.
Except, for some reason the PDF pattern is for baby shoes size 0 - 6 you know any babies that walk before 6 months? Let's be reasonable. I don't need shoes for a newborn (however that would be precious), so I had to make mine bigger.
I traced the pattern onto Freezer paper and then cut and trimmed away the excess. Then, I traced my new pattern onto the fabric.
Then, I honestly followed the tutorial for the most part...adding the extra strips on the heel and the top of the shoe.
After putting the shoe together like the tutorial suggested and sewing VERY slow, because if not you break not one, but 2 needles sewing too thick of fabric like I did! Errr! I should have known better. You get your cute little moccasins!
And to be honest, I sewed more than an hour today. It took me about an hour to get my patterns right and fabric cut out, but I am one of those crafters that just wants to see things DONE, so I kind of don't stop until that happens. However, I got interrupted so many times that I'm not sure exactly how long it actually took...maybe closer to 3 hours. Tomorrow, I doubt I will have anything this impressive, because I teach dance at my mom's studio, so just enjoy these moccasins for now!