Wednesday, October 12, 2011

KCWC Day 2 & 3: Hand Appliqued Monster Tee

I'm still chugging along on this 1 hour a day sewing challenge! It's getting slightly tiring, mostly because my projects take me longer than an hour to complete! I am LOVING cheering everyone on in the elsie marley flickr group though! It is SO much fun to watch what everyone is coming up with! Very inspiring, too!

Tuesday is the day I work, so I didn't get too much time until the end of the day and only got half my project complete in the hour before I went to bed, so I have no pictures of that for you! Then, this morning I finished up with another hour of sewing and got this Monster Tee done! Yippeee!
It was inspired by yet again, another Boden item. Seeing a trend here?
The light blue t-shirt is the one that I totally botched in the machine applique tutorial that I did. Behind that cute happy monster is one ugly birthday dog!
I hate wasting things, even if I only spent $1.99 on it! I needed to add sleeves to winterize it and find some way to cover up that birthday dog! So, I cut out two strips of fabric from an old polo that my husband doesn't wear anymore.
Fold in half, right sides together and sew down one side.
I wanted cuffs, so I cut out my red jersey material. You want it about twice as long as your current sleeve wrist length. Fold in half lengthwise, then fold again in half and sew down the open side.
Then attach the wrist band to the t-shirt and pin...lots of them.
Obviously make sure that the wrist band will turn out the right way and line up your seams when sewing, so it looks consistent. Make SURE you sew all 3 pieces together and be careful to not get the fabric caught while sewing this tiny little wrist piece! This is similar to when we made the Baby Legs! Now you should have your arms to your shirt!
Pin your sleeves inside your shirt. I put my hand inside the sleeve and stretched them to the size of the sleeve and used lots of pins. This part was a pain in the booty to sew, but you can do it, just go slowly when topstitching.
Sew both sleeves into the shirt.

For the applique, I looked at the Boden picture and freehanded it onto a piece of paper, then traced it onto the back of the wonder under. I followed the directions like it said on the paper to use it. I had to make the horns separately and tail spikes. I used jersey material for everything (old t-shirts), so that nothing would fray when washed. I used felt for the whites of the eyes, and cut out little dots from a small piece of rograine ribbon, which I hand stitched to the shirt. I zig zag stitched the mouth, over the white felt teeth. Once I transferred the body to the shirt, I went around it with a wider top-stitch right around the entire edge of the monster.
You could use any applique that you like! I just used a monster, because I've had a little monster on my hands the past few days! Oh, and the ENT doctor said his ears look good, but we are on the surgery schedule for tubes in 2 weeks. That will give us time to see if the ear infection comes back or if he stays healthy! Pray he stays healthy!

 I definitely messed up a lot when top stitching down, but I kind of like him that way! I also still had my thick needle in from sewing the moccasins and once I switched to the "light/jersey" material needle, it was heaven, so see, changing out needles totally helps!
Yes, I made him wear his moccasins with his monster tee to the doctor...everyone thought he was just adorable!

I know you think he's adorable, too, go on ahead and tell me how adorable he is....Haha!

Happy Sewing!