Thursday, October 13, 2011

KCWC Day 4: FunkyTown Plaid Pants

Uh Oh, my baby needs some pants! 
Only a babe gets away with walking around outside like this. Pretty darn cute, right? 
 It's official! I got another item checked off my list today! Once again, it took me longer than 1 hour, but definitely not more than 2 and I could make these pants about 6 more times, so that we have some for every day! Introducing....the FunkyTown Plaid Pants!
Since I like telling you the background story for WHY I actually decide to sew something, I thought I would explain. Awhile back, I decided I wanted to make some plaid pants for Micaiah and I knew I wanted to line them in jersey to make them warmer for our oh, so, cold (not!) SC winters. I went to a thrift store and found the perfect shirt to turn into pants a couple weeks ago and about a month ago Wal-mart had plain 3X t-shirts on summer clearance, so I bought some in different colors.
Today, I finally gathered up my fabric and started making my own pattern, when I remembered making these sailboat pj bottoms....That was my first EVER attempt at pants and I didn't use any kind of tutorial. I kind of like a sewing challenge that way. It makes me use my brain more, but I definitely mess up more, too.
 I realized that I kind of wanted to double check myself, since I was adding a lining to them to make sure that I put them together well. Plus, I only had ONE t-shirt to work with, so I didn't want to mess up. I searched around on google looking for "lined pants tutorial" and of course, MADE was in the top 3 choices and of course, Dana had already made the exact pants I wanted to make, the exact way I wanted to make them. What's a sewing craft blogger to do? Maybe my husband is right....there aren't any new ideas!

Well, I decided to be a groupie this time and just go with Dana's pattern. 
I do love her blog, of course! AND...She DID happen to have size 2T ready to print right off for was just too easy. However, if I make this again, I will make the waist a couple inches higher. They ride a little low the way her pattern dips down in front.

But overall, very, very cute and fun and plaid. Kind of dorky professor in a rad sort of way.
I like how long they can turn them up to make cuffs or just keep them long with plenty of growing room (height-wise).
So, go make yourself some pants!

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