Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making a Buttonhole on REALLY plush Fabric

Dear Sweet Readers,

So, I tried to get added to Bernina's (that's a sewing machine making company) WeAllSew Blogroll, since I am kind of like trying to be a sewing inspired blog (for YOU) and they said that my blog is more family oriented, not sewing oriented. I kind of laughed....I didn't exactly want to mention that I actually have a FAMILY blog that I run, too. But hey, it was worth a shot, and who can help posting a gazillion pictures of their baby no matter what TYPE of blog you have!
Anyways, I actually do have a sewing tip for you that I mentioned in my last post on how to make the Teddy Button-Through! I included it in the tutorial, but the more I thought about it, I think it deserves it's own post.

Buttonhole making completely intimidated me. I mean that's hard, right? Like REAL seamstress people do that...I buy things with buttonholes already ON THEM!

Well, I am here to say that Buttonhole making is actually quite easy, but it does take YOU sitting down at your machine and figuring out how to run YOUR machine. Your machine might be a 4-step button hole maker. Mine is a 1-step, and for that I am happy. Either way, I still had to sit down with my manual and try to make sense of it. There are lots of tutorials online about how to make a buttonhole, but Dana's at MADE is really quite clear, so why go somewhere else! I would definitely grab a scrap piece of fabric and just try it one day.

Once you are ready to move on to other fabrics, you may end up with something REALLY plush, like I did with my Teddy Button-through. I was ready to move on to adding toggles to this little jacket to skip out on buttonhole making....that's how "no, I think NOT" I was about adding them.

But you just wait just one minute and try this little trick that my manager from my Hancock's store shared with me. Yes, I wish I could completely claim it, but that little button that says "I blog with integrity" is keeping me in line. You should add that to your blog to remind you, too.

So, here goes.... HOW to MAKE a BUTTONHOLE on REALLY plush FABRIC!

Grab you a sheet of notebook paper, yes, NOTEBOOK paper, and a scrap piece to practice first.
You can also be fancy smancy and purchase tear easy stabilizer from your fabric store, but I tried both and both work just the same! The notebook paper keeps the fabric fibers from getting caught down in your machine and allow it to sew more easily.
1. Read your manual to make sure you know how to work YOUR machine.
2. Place your button in your button guide plate like shown in picture two. This tells your machine how long to make your buttonhole. And attach it to your machine.
3. Select your stitch on your machine that you want. Pull down your buttonhole lever on the side of your machine (if you have one).
4. Position your fabric under your button hole foot on your machine and put your sheet of notebook paper underneath your fabric scrap. Hold the upper thread with one hand until it starts sewing. Here's a better photo of picture 4.
5. Start sewing. Cut your threads. See how the notebook paper tears easily away (picture 5).
6. Slide a pin across the top of the button hole.
7. Insert your seam ripper and rip up towards the pin.
8. Now you have a button hole! See....not hard!
9. Sew on your button and you are set!

That's how you make a buttonhole on really plush fabric! Now go try it and amaze yourself!

Lots of love,