Tuesday, November 29, 2011

From Daddy Ferguson

If you aren't keeping up with the Fergusons on Cinco Mariposas, you really should! I just read a post written from Niles and um...you have to read this. It's his thoughts on adoption and it is so sweet and kind of funny, too.

Here's a quick excerpt...

"Here's a random thought I've had lately: I'm looking forward to being an old man, God willing, and having my daughter in my life. Maria and Ruthie will be the only two left laughing at my jokes when I'm too old to remember how dumb they are. I'm looking forward to Daddy Dates. I'm not gonna let some hipster punk be the first to take her out. Daddy will set the standard of how she is to be loved and cared for. On a similar note, I'm looking forward to buying more guns. I guess I'm going to need them. I'm protective enough of my sons, how much more for my daughter? Answer: .357 Magnum; just sayin'." 

Too cute!