Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Embroider on Plush Fabric

Remember how notebook paper helped us sew buttons on really plush fabric? Well, I have another CHEAP trick to help you embroider on that plush fabric. It's called Plastic Wrap found in your local kitchen drawer...
If you have never embroidered on anything really thick before, let me tell you that if you try, you will get very frustrated because your thread will just completely disappear in the thickness of the fabric. That's why sewing together the teddy bear button-through was so forgiving! You can't see a thing!

Have no fear!!! Plastic Wrap is here!!!! (Okay, I couldn't help myself!) This is what you need to do to embroider on really plush fabric!
Simply tear off a sheet of plastic wrap and cover your baby blanket, in my case, with the wrap. Then, start embroidering. Using a needle for thick fabrics (look at your guide in your manual for which one to use) and gently keep the plastic wrap smoothed out by just touching it with your fingertips around where the needle is working. I am assuming here that you are using stabilizer underneath and already kind of know what you are doing when it comes to machine embroidery. If you don't, just email me!
When you are through, simply tear off the plastic wrap and that is it! It works like magic!
A big thanks to my real-life friend, JeeJee, who works at her step-dad's luggage store! They do embroidery there and she learned this trick and shared it with me on our last play date! There is some kind of fancy plastic you can buy made for this task, but I can't remember the name! Sorry! Plastic wrap works just the same! I hope your frustrations are resolved!