Sunday, November 6, 2011

How was your weekend?

Molly Flanagan told me that once I learn how to use my camera manually, I will never go back to automatic mode. I'm not making any sort of disclaimers here, but in just 2 days of PARTIALLY manually (is that a phrase?) working my camera, I am starting to "get it" more and more. I have a long way to go, but I learned a lot about apperature, exposure and shutter speed this weekend and how they work together and it is so exciting!!!!

Anyways, if you and I were best friends, which I am just going to pretend we are, then I would share with you what I did this weekend, because, of course, you would want to know all the details.

So, sweet friend, (because that is what I call my best friends), we kind of worked a lot this weekend. I thought I was going to have some uninterrupted time to sew this weekend, but no, that didn't happen. Instead I worked on my lap top a lot for my mom's dance studio working on getting all of our accounts PAPER-less! Whoo. I'm losing enthusiasm.
 Saturday morning came and the hubby had to go to work a job fair for The Mather Company, Inc. aka his job that buys/sells real estate. He left the house looking mighty fine in that bow tie...I had to take a picture!
It's blurry...these things matter now that I am trying to learn how to operate this dslr. Oh well, he's still cute.
Not too long after he left, my parents showed up for a quick visit.
That's mi madre and my padrastro...step-dad. Baby boy wasn't too happy. Maybe padrastro wasn't either.
They swang (a word we use here in the south) a little.
Baby Boy napped and then we were bored, so we went to the job fair to get a job.
Because I don't work hard enough being a SAHM. No, we really went to see this happy hub-daddy!
With Dunkin Doughnuts. That always makes me happy.
The job fair was inside a mall, that had one of those plastic play things that your child get's lost in and you hope that no one threw up in or pooped in and your child is lost meandering through it along with the hodge podge of other germified childrens.
Of course, baby boy, wanted to climb up in it, because it had steps and he loves steps. That guessed it... I had to, too.
Thankfully, there was no vomit. But I did see what the other side looked like and there really should be an adult up in those things. Who thought up this idea? Uhhh....let's build a ginormous tower that kids crawl up in by themselves! Kids push and run over each other and one boy was so lost and crying confused he didn't know what to do. So, I pushed him down the slide.

No. Not really. But kind of.
He loved being a big boy. Driving the space car or race car, whatever it's called.
We went home for Nap #2 and then went over to my in-law's house (they were gone for the weekend) and spent the night and watched the USC vs. Arkansas game. It was like a mini-vacation. The baby woke up freaked out in the middle of the night, because he didn't know why he was sleeping in a different place, but it still was relaxing, because we got to watch cable in bed and I didn't have the feeling like there was a month's worth of dust I just HAD to clean up. Even though there was! Love you, Jane!

My husband does a lot of music for our church. Did I mention he can play like 16 instruments? Yes. So he plays a lot of music weekly, but had this Sunday morning off and that meant we did a morning breakfast date to Ihop.
Baby Boy drank out of straw, which is still so stinking cute to see.
We went to church. Then home. Ate, napped, repeat. And I finally got to sit down and learn more about my camera. Thank you, Carla from Small + Friendly ...I have no idea why I want to call your blog, small and curbly, but I do ... for recommending me to read the Pioneer Woman's site. It was uber helpful, so I went outside and practiced partially manually taking photos in Av mode. I was striving for that beginner's dream...the background looks blurry.
 The What the Heck is an Apperature? series was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I will never be the same. So, I took pictures of lots of really random things to practice.
I practiced Shutter Speeds with Abe, but have a ways to go on that one.
My neighbor is a really fun art teacher who is married to a chef! Sounds like a fun house, right? I meant that in a good way. And I ran over to ask her if she knew anything about cameras, because, obviously that's all I can talk about, and come to find out, she had a Nikon that she didn't really know how to work that was about 10x nicer than mine! WHAT!? Get busy, girl friend!
So, that was pretty much it... now I better go get back to my work, before my husband gets onto me about blogging when I should be working....I feel like I'm in college procrastinating, but I'm glad we had a little chat. Aren't you?