Thursday, November 10, 2011

Isaac Leong is HERE!

The journey for the Leongs throughout the adoption has been a time of testing and trial, waiting and hoping, but God has been so faithful in providing the most beautiful baby boy, Isaac! I think this picture says it all!
I'm not going to lie....that picture made me tell the hub-daddy (do you like Hart's blog nickname? I hope you see how silly I really am, because it seriously makes me laugh every time I write it!) that I seriously want a baby like right this very minute! The beauty of God's love that I see in these adoptions and these families through this blog is just remarkable! I hope you can see why I am enjoying introducing you to these families, following their stories, and helping when/where I can! I have 2 more families to introduce to you. I know they think I have forgotten them, but I haven't! Get excited! They are pretty awesome! But for now, relish in the cuteness of this little Leong baby and pray that God will finalize all their paperwork! Thank you!