Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet the Carrolls

This is the Carroll Family! Our newest addition to the DBS Families. Are they not the sweetest with all those cute little kids that just make you want to hug them!? Well, there is more....they want to adopt...SIBLINGS from Ethiopia! Whew, 6 kids! I love it!!! I have been emailing back and forth with her after she heard that I was looking to highlight some more adoptive families and I am so in love with their heart for adoption, but more importantly their love for Jesus and his kingdom! I want you to hear from Kylie herself, so I am going to turn it over to her, so that you can hear more about her family and where they are in their journey! And as you should know by now, I will be updating you along the way as they move through their adoption process.
Meet the Carrolls (From Kylie):

So . . . I'll just jump right in. Chann and I met in high school, and after dating for 7 long years, finally got married! We have been married for almost 10 years and have 4 children, ages 7, 5, 3, and almost 2! Chann is a musician who plays guitar, sings, and writes songs, and I teach first grade. As a family, we just enjoying hanging out together. We prefer to be outside - hiking, playing soccer, jumping on the trampoline . . . , but also love to watch movies together.

I spent a summer in China when I was 19, and the Lord really laid adoption on my heart then. Chann and I were already dating then, so when I got home to talk about it, he knew that adoption was in his future, too. We actually wanted to adopt before having children, but the Lord had other plans! :) So . . . four kids and ten years later, here we are. We feel that the Lord has said now is the time to pursue adopting siblings from Ethiopia. We have begun the formal application process and are basically stuck in paperwork and appointments right now. We expect to be ready for our home study in the next month or so.


 So there is a little peak into their family background and there is a lot more to be found on their sweet blog at  www.carrollsadopt.blogspot.com

As you know one aspect of being a DBS Family is that I highlight their fundraising plans and help you, sweet reader, help them. They are waiting to get a little further a long in their adoption process, but eventually plan to link a paypal account to our blog for donations in the near future. They think it may be best to wait until the completion of their home study to really start fund raising. At that point they will also do an online silent auction. They will definitely let us know when that is up and running!

Thanks again, Carroll Family, for letting me highlight you! You will be able to find their blog link under Why I do this Sewing Thing!  in the future, so stay tuned for more!