Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet the Fergusons

 I'm so thrilled to introduce to you this amazing family! I feel so blessed that God is bringing families to me like this one so that I can pray for them and encourage them in their adoption process! Niles and Maria are adopting a little girl domestically! I praise the Lord for you guys! Welcome to the DBS Family!
Here's a little from Maria when I first "met" her:

Hello! My name is Maria Ferguson and I am absolutely in love with your blog! What a fantastic idea from the Lord to craft with the desire to benefit HIM!  I can't craft to save my life- so your idea is all the more beautiful to me!

My husband Niles and I have 2 boys (ages 4 and almost 2) and we believe the Lord is leading us to grow our family through the adoption of a domestic baby girl.  We are humbled and at times overwhelmed by this calling but know with certainty the Lord will provide all that is needed to bring our baby girl home!  We are blessed with an extremely supportive family and church family in this process- many in our church family are adopting as well! I pray the Lord blesses your efforts and brings you more business than you ever thought possible!  If you'd like to follow our journey please visit our blog
Is she seriously the sweetest or what? I told you these families are true JEMS! And this family has one of the COOLEST fundraisers EVER! Seriously! 
Wanna know what it is? 
Yep, that's right! Maria takes BEAUTIFUL photographs! You think I'm kidding? Check these out! Just a few she has taken! 

And she has the nerve not to call herself a professional photographer! I think not, my friend! You are incredibly talented! There are a WHOLE lot more of these beauties on her blog at CincoMariposas!

If you are interested in helping this family raise the needed funds for their adoption AND get your pictures taken, contact Maria at FergusonAdoption{at}gmail{dot}com. She is in SC in the upstate and taking family photos for donations to their adoption fund!

I have some fun He said/She said stuff from both Niles and Maria's perspective on adopting, but I will save that for a later post, for now I will leave you with a section of their autobiography. Don't forget you can locate their blog under the Why I do this Sewing Thing! Tab and find current information about where they are at in their adoption process! I will keep you updated as well!

"We are a family that above all else wants to love God and his people in obedience to the scriptures.   We want to practically live the faith we have been given by the Holy Spirit and believe that adopting a baby girl is such an opportunity.  The Lord has specifically placed this desire on our heart and we pray that as we “delight in the LORD, he will give [us] the desires of [our] heart.”  We look forward with joyful anticipation to the day we will be a family of five."