Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Camera is HERE!

I am SO excited and we have already been enjoying it SO much! I have a LOT to learn about dslr cameras, but I am fairly confident that with time I can take some pretty great pictures! Praise Jesus for this blessing and for my BFF, Steph, who sold it to us! Thank you, sweet friend! We love love love it. Right now I'm just keeping it on automatic until I learn more, but even that is a step up! My last camera is GREAT at switching between video and photos, but I really want to do more with my photography!

Very 1st photo I ever took with my Canon Rebel...let's pray I get better than this! Abe's tongue and a dirty shoe...uh huh...classy.
Fun shots I'm enjoying:
Before, we really couldn't get those fun action shots where you jump up in the air. It literally took like 3 seconds to take one photo. It took great photos for a point and shoot, just too long for something fun like this...
(I had it on manual on this can tell...hahaha!)
Or this...
Anyways, you get the point. We are having fun with it!