Friday, November 4, 2011

Rainy Day Library Trip

What do you do when you have to get out of the house, but it is cold and rainy?

We go to the Library. And Mommy practices taking cool pictures. I had no flash on for any of these shots. If I had used my previous camera none would have turned out. They would have been all blurry. I'm sold on this camera for life now.
Any photography sites/books you recommend?
I meant to check out the photography section while there, but we made a new friend who's mom SEWS of all things! She makes these cute little reusable snack bags, instead of ziplocs, and has an etsy store here.
I love it when sewing brings people together!
Why do they always try to eat the crayons?
Yeah, I know, I just posted a gazillion pictures of my baby again. No one's going to want to sponsor me now, that's for sure. Oh, right...I don't really care all that much, do I? I'm planning on sewing some things this weekend. Whatchoo up to?