Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dress Up Box

I think regardless of the gender of a child, all children like to play "dress up", whether it is being a princess, a mommy, or fighting crime! Storage for those dress up clothes can kind of be a mess! I have a re-invented solution for you!

We got a new down comforter for Christmas. It came in one of those plastic cases that zipped and it had pockets that told you what kind of comforter it was. I hated throwing something like that in a land fill! That's when I thought about how awesome it would be for dress up clothes for Cai! Next time you buy a that thing for toys or some other storage!
I made a document in Word. I changed the orientation to Landscape mode and slide the printed sign off and down into the plastic pockets. Then, I made another sign for the other side, but this time wrote a verse on it.
Sorry for the dingy photos...I'm suffering from Winter blues with my photography!

Carry it...
Store it...
Re-use it!
Now to work on our boy dress up stash in the years to come...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Oliver + S Mittens

For Christmas I received my Oliver + S Little things to Sew from my sweet husband! I tried out a pattern from the book this week as another gift for my niece. Here they are:
The mitten pattern is the first one in the book and rated "easy". They were easy to sew, for sure! I used some pink micro-fleece and instead of using bias tape for the elastic casing, I used grey and pink checkered ribbon. I sewed my elastic right into it as I went along and it turned out great!
I like the added thumb. If you want to make some mittens yourself and don't have this book, I did a tutorial recently for some monogrammed mittens without the thumb, but these are great for a more active child, because they can still grip things! I like both versions! Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket + Leggings

Earlier this month, I shared that I ordered my very first pattern. It was the Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket and I was making it for my niece as a Christmas present. I am proud to announce that it is complete!

Without further avail.... Here is the finished product! What do you think?
I am SO proud of it! Originally, I was going to use fleece to make it warm, but then I was afraid that I would mess up somewhere and since I had never used any kind of pattern, I decided to use this vintage bed sheet that I saved from my grandmother's home after she died. I wanted it cute enough that if it turned out well, I would be happy, but not so dear as if I had ordered some designer fabric and then had a complete craft fail! It definitely took some getting use to and I re-read the instructions about a gazillion times, but finally finished it! I'm only wishing that I had made it in a 3T instead of the 2T to last further into the spring! It is rather Spring-like with all those flowers, don't ya think?
 I used vintage buttons that my husband's mother gave me. They are pearl buttons that her mother and grandmother used to wear on their nursing uniforms back in the day. I knew they would be perfect for Naomi and sentimental, too. 
They don't make buttons as nice and real as these, that's for sure! 

Then, I couldn't stop there! Sewing for girls is way fun, seriously! I've had some green knit fabric for over a year that I couldn't figure out how to use! The green just so happens to match the bits of green in the jacket fabric, so I made some ruffle butt leggings to match!
The leggings actually turned out to be tougher than I thought, but they turned out cute, too, so it is all worth it in the end! I used Make It and Love It's Super Simple Legging Tutorial and did the ruffle version found here. I really admire Ashley and how she pumps out tutorials left and right! I would want to be like her, but I kind of care about a clean house way too much! My craft room can be cluttered, but the rest needs to be clean for me to function normally and for that to happen blogging can't be as high of a priority! I'll just benefit off of her creativity though! So, thanks, Ashley!

So there you have it! A cute little outfit for my pretty awesome niece! I hope to post a picture of her IN IT soon! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best of 2011 Here at DBS!

It has been a full year of sewing, that's for sure! It's so funny, because for some reason I have been feeling like I haven't done much this year, especially lately. A TOTAL lie! That changed once I started sorting through pictures to make collages of the things that I have made and I have to admit.... it is pretty encouraging to look at your projects throughout a year. If you blog about things you make, I highly encourage you to do it, too, because it really gave me some self-confidence, plus it brings back fun memories!

The very first actual sewing item I blogged about after having Cai was this seersucker bib and burp cloth that I embroidered for a friend's little girl. I still love it! I hope she still does, too!
Next up, was a hand-made Easter bunny for Cai.
 I had a ton of fun embroidering items for summer, especially these toddler sun hats & swimsuits (from the DOLLAR TREE), and beach towels to wrap up those bundles of joy!

I taught myself how to sew envelope back pillows with piping.

I designed and sewed a fabric beaded strap nursing cover (hopefully with a tutorial to come in 2012 when more babies are to be born!)
I was hired to sew some curtains for my husband's real estate company! They turned out awesome-ly...yes I think I just made that a word.
I made an artsy cardboard name art tutorial for my sweet niece! It looked so awesome in her nursery!
The moo cow onsie was a favorite for sure.... I mean we got free Chick-fil-a out of it!  And our baby was adorable!
Let's not forget those precious easy to make baby legs, either!

I thoroughly enjoyed making and selling my fabric wrapped necklaces and giving away some precious baby shoes, especially the pink moccasins, and fleecy warm mittens!
I had a blast sewing for my boy during KCWC and ended up with some pretty cool stuff for Cai, including the original brown suede moccasins,, funky town plaid pants, and the hand-appliqued monster Tee
Also, seen above is the Teddy Bear Button-through made from a throw blanket that I created my own pattern for!

I did a LOT of embroidery this past year and most is not shown below.
And there were a lot of other random projects like these:

Really guys, that was so fun! I don't mean to brag at all, I just seriously feel accomplished and creative!!! Sometimes it's easy to feel lost in the crowd in blog land, while trying to make a little name for yourself, but ya know what? I'm happy just being me and enjoying life along the creative way! I hope 2012 is just as fun and full of creativity! Stay tuned for a re-cap of the amazing families DBS has seen God work wonders in this past year, too!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Underneath my Christmas Tree

I received two books for Christmas this year and I'm absolutely THRILLED about it! They are:
given by my sweet brother, Hunter
given by my darling husband, Hart

I have been sitting and reading and LOVING every minute of these two books today! I'm pretty sure you will be seeing some fun projects out of them as I want to seriously try out every single on of them in both books! I love how relaxed I feel reading through Sew Liberated! Meg has a way of just making you want to focus on "homemaking" not "housekeeping" by taking in the moments of everyday and focusing on hand-made beauty in the lives of your children. I really can't wait to try out some of those projects! Merry Christmas! I pray it is as blessed as mine is in Christ!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sending you our Christmas card...

Aren't we happy happy happy!? LOL! Here's who I would send my Christmas card to in the blog world if I knew you in real life! This is because I really enjoy your creativity and crafting spirit or you make me laugh or you are real in your blog or you seem cool (haha)! Merry Christmas!

Bambino Steps
Cirque de BeBe
Compulsive Craftiness
Effortless Style
elsie marley
Freshly Picked
From the nato's
Homemade by Jill
Jones Design Company
Made by rae
Made it on Monday
Moth and Sparrow
Prudent Baby
Skirt as Top
small + friendly
The Wardrobe
Ashley Ann Photography
Molly Flanagan Photography

Not on my list? Leave me a comment...we are sure to be friends next year...

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Merry Moment (with Small + Friendly)

Carla, at small + friendly, is doing something called *merry moments* this week around Christmas. I have "nothing" going on, so I thought I would join in. The first one is slightly blurred...oops. Here is mine...

 (Below: 50mm, f/1.8, 1/80s, ISO 200)
Not sure if this has anything to do with Christmas...but um... that is one cute baby butt.

Practicing Shooting in Manual

 I've had my dslr for maybe 2 months or something like that. At first, I was doing everything in auto, but it wasn't too long before I discovered the Av mode and began shooting almost everything that way. I was on the waiting list to get Understanding Exposure from the Library. It came a few days ago and I've been reading away. I figured out how to work all the manual settings on my camera and practiced a good bit today. Practice makes perfect. I honestly still don't have any earthly idea how to work things properly or which of the 6 exposures is the "right" one or even which lens would yield the best exposure, but I do know that I enjoy taking pictures of my cutie and want to do it well. My goal for 2012 would definitely to get better at photography.

I'm sharing that growth here. I hope you don't mind. I'd love feedback or comments regarding this issue if you care to share!

Working that manual focus is rough... a lot came out like this...
But then some came out like this...
Which I thought was kind of fun. Some are too dark...
But then some seem just right (to me)...

Anyways... I'm sure it is going to take some time... just thought I would share what is going on in my 26 year old head!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Yesterday was my 26th birthday! You can read more about it here!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

3 Sweet Years

Today is our 3rd Wedding anniversary! We are SO happily married to each other and I feel so blessed to have Hart as my husband. I can honestly say that I love him a million times more than on our wedding day, which was so special.

I haven't ever shared any of our wedding photos on this blog. We had the best wedding photographers, Matt and Kate from Altmix Photography! I think you will enjoy. You can click here to see the entire album.

I started the day early getting ready!
I wore Hart's grandmother's pearls.
My besties took care of the veil, which was inspired from one that I saw in a Bridal shop in Valladolid, Spain while studying there. I took a picture walking down the street and knew it was the one I wanted "one" day. I had it hand-made in the U.S. and loved it.
We had a sweet church wedding on a beautiful close to Christmas Day.

The guys loved my Spanish inspired veil, too.
I loved my dress and all the pretty buttons.
Kissing my sweet flower girls.
Later, I cried because my grampie was able to come to our wedding. This was close to his passing and I just was so moved that I actually was able to have BOTH of my grandparents at my wedding. It was a special blessing. They were married for almost 70 years and a true inspiration to me. They held hands our entire wedding and I'm so thankful our photographers captured that.
We, the girls, prayed, sang, and had a devotion before we actually got married. I got some cool shots with Hart's guitar.
 Don't let it fool you...I don't actually play the guitar at ALL!

Almost time!!!
Hart cried when he saw me. I almost lost it, too. All I can say about our wedding ceremony is that we worshiped. We sang our hearts out to Jesus, the One making us whole. The One making us ONE and it was beautiful.
We are married! We were so happy to be husband and wife!
I love you, my love! You are the biggest blessing in my life! Thank you for the love you give EVERY day and how you love me like Christ loves the Church! You are my sunshine and a wonderful father! I look forward to many more beautiful years to come and pray we can be like my grandparents, holding hands and loving Jesus until the day we go and meet him in Heaven. I'm praying for you always and am always here for you!
Then, we DANCED!!!
And danced some more!
Hart's mama dancing!
Our cake was exquisite and hand-made by a sweet friend.
I love this one of one of our flower girls...
Before too long, it was already time to go. Right before we left running through a sea of sparkler's, Hart dipped me and kissed me. This is my most favorite shot ever.
 It was gently raining as we left. The sky was incredible.
Adios! See you soon!
Our lives are so full of joy from the Lord! Thank you God for my husband and the sweet marriage I have!

I hope you enjoyed that! I sure did! I love looking at our wedding pictures and thinking about that special day!