Wednesday, December 21, 2011

3 Sweet Years

Today is our 3rd Wedding anniversary! We are SO happily married to each other and I feel so blessed to have Hart as my husband. I can honestly say that I love him a million times more than on our wedding day, which was so special.

I haven't ever shared any of our wedding photos on this blog. We had the best wedding photographers, Matt and Kate from Altmix Photography! I think you will enjoy. You can click here to see the entire album.

I started the day early getting ready!
I wore Hart's grandmother's pearls.
My besties took care of the veil, which was inspired from one that I saw in a Bridal shop in Valladolid, Spain while studying there. I took a picture walking down the street and knew it was the one I wanted "one" day. I had it hand-made in the U.S. and loved it.
We had a sweet church wedding on a beautiful close to Christmas Day.

The guys loved my Spanish inspired veil, too.
I loved my dress and all the pretty buttons.
Kissing my sweet flower girls.
Later, I cried because my grampie was able to come to our wedding. This was close to his passing and I just was so moved that I actually was able to have BOTH of my grandparents at my wedding. It was a special blessing. They were married for almost 70 years and a true inspiration to me. They held hands our entire wedding and I'm so thankful our photographers captured that.
We, the girls, prayed, sang, and had a devotion before we actually got married. I got some cool shots with Hart's guitar.
 Don't let it fool you...I don't actually play the guitar at ALL!

Almost time!!!
Hart cried when he saw me. I almost lost it, too. All I can say about our wedding ceremony is that we worshiped. We sang our hearts out to Jesus, the One making us whole. The One making us ONE and it was beautiful.
We are married! We were so happy to be husband and wife!
I love you, my love! You are the biggest blessing in my life! Thank you for the love you give EVERY day and how you love me like Christ loves the Church! You are my sunshine and a wonderful father! I look forward to many more beautiful years to come and pray we can be like my grandparents, holding hands and loving Jesus until the day we go and meet him in Heaven. I'm praying for you always and am always here for you!
Then, we DANCED!!!
And danced some more!
Hart's mama dancing!
Our cake was exquisite and hand-made by a sweet friend.
I love this one of one of our flower girls...
Before too long, it was already time to go. Right before we left running through a sea of sparkler's, Hart dipped me and kissed me. This is my most favorite shot ever.
 It was gently raining as we left. The sky was incredible.
Adios! See you soon!
Our lives are so full of joy from the Lord! Thank you God for my husband and the sweet marriage I have!

I hope you enjoyed that! I sure did! I love looking at our wedding pictures and thinking about that special day!