Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best of 2011 Here at DBS!

It has been a full year of sewing, that's for sure! It's so funny, because for some reason I have been feeling like I haven't done much this year, especially lately. A TOTAL lie! That changed once I started sorting through pictures to make collages of the things that I have made and I have to admit.... it is pretty encouraging to look at your projects throughout a year. If you blog about things you make, I highly encourage you to do it, too, because it really gave me some self-confidence, plus it brings back fun memories!

The very first actual sewing item I blogged about after having Cai was this seersucker bib and burp cloth that I embroidered for a friend's little girl. I still love it! I hope she still does, too!
Next up, was a hand-made Easter bunny for Cai.
 I had a ton of fun embroidering items for summer, especially these toddler sun hats & swimsuits (from the DOLLAR TREE), and beach towels to wrap up those bundles of joy!

I taught myself how to sew envelope back pillows with piping.

I designed and sewed a fabric beaded strap nursing cover (hopefully with a tutorial to come in 2012 when more babies are to be born!)
I was hired to sew some curtains for my husband's real estate company! They turned out awesome-ly...yes I think I just made that a word.
I made an artsy cardboard name art tutorial for my sweet niece! It looked so awesome in her nursery!
The moo cow onsie was a favorite for sure.... I mean we got free Chick-fil-a out of it!  And our baby was adorable!
Let's not forget those precious easy to make baby legs, either!

I thoroughly enjoyed making and selling my fabric wrapped necklaces and giving away some precious baby shoes, especially the pink moccasins, and fleecy warm mittens!
I had a blast sewing for my boy during KCWC and ended up with some pretty cool stuff for Cai, including the original brown suede moccasins,, funky town plaid pants, and the hand-appliqued monster Tee
Also, seen above is the Teddy Bear Button-through made from a throw blanket that I created my own pattern for!

I did a LOT of embroidery this past year and most is not shown below.
And there were a lot of other random projects like these:

Really guys, that was so fun! I don't mean to brag at all, I just seriously feel accomplished and creative!!! Sometimes it's easy to feel lost in the crowd in blog land, while trying to make a little name for yourself, but ya know what? I'm happy just being me and enjoying life along the creative way! I hope 2012 is just as fun and full of creativity! Stay tuned for a re-cap of the amazing families DBS has seen God work wonders in this past year, too!