Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dress Up Box

I think regardless of the gender of a child, all children like to play "dress up", whether it is being a princess, a mommy, or fighting crime! Storage for those dress up clothes can kind of be a mess! I have a re-invented solution for you!

We got a new down comforter for Christmas. It came in one of those plastic cases that zipped and it had pockets that told you what kind of comforter it was. I hated throwing something like that in a land fill! That's when I thought about how awesome it would be for dress up clothes for Cai! Next time you buy a that thing for toys or some other storage!
I made a document in Word. I changed the orientation to Landscape mode and slide the printed sign off and down into the plastic pockets. Then, I made another sign for the other side, but this time wrote a verse on it.
Sorry for the dingy photos...I'm suffering from Winter blues with my photography!

Carry it...
Store it...
Re-use it!
Now to work on our boy dress up stash in the years to come...