Monday, December 5, 2011

Fleece Ruffle Neck Cowl

Before I get into my fun little tutorial I have something to say! Do you ever get creatively dry? This is what happens to me... I get online. I read blogs of other's creativity, then I pressure myself to have that amount of creativity. I get on pinterest. I see all the fun stuff. I get overloaded. I get down. I feel like there is nothing new under the sun. Doesn't the Bible say that, anyways? And I just stop creating. Then, I feel some weird added guilt for not being creative or coming up with some new post. It's so messed up. My advice?

Take a step BACK! Reading blogs is awesome. I seriously LOVE blogging. I love the blog world. I love seeing what others come up with, but if you are feeling like I just described...just stop! Take a break. My new goal for my next year of blogging is to not care about what the blog world "says", but to just enjoy being me and sewing stuff for my family that is fun and quality.

So with all that said....I got some of my creativity back and wanted to share! While a Ruffle Neck Cowl isn't necessarily a new idea, this is my version of being fun and adding some practicality! I hope you enjoy it and try to make it, too! It's really pretty easy!
You will need: 
  • 1/4 of a yard of fabric, I used fleece
  • a button
  • Scissors, thread, etc
  • stabilizer or (notebook paper) 
 Let me preface this that I WAS going to try to use elastic thread, but I have NOT been able to troubleshoot sewing with elastic thread with a brother. Since I have a more modern machine, I would think that Brother would have worked out something so simple, but they haven't! So until I get that down, I thought I would just do it the old fashioned way.

To start, lay out your fabric and cut off about 8 inches from the length of your fabric.
Then trim off your selvages.
Next, sew, using your longest stitch length, a few inches in (towards the middle) on either side of your fabric length-wise down the fleece. You want two rows of thread. Don't cut the threads at the end of your stiches too close to the fabric. You want some long enough to pull.
Once both lines of thread are sewn, pull the bobbin thread. You may want to hold the other end of the threads, so that it won't completely pull out of the fabric. Work it slowly down until it is scrunchy enough for you! Repeat on the other line of thread.
It should be ruffle-y like this...
Tie off the ends of your threads in knots, probably 3 x each is good. Then cut them off. Try it on for size and decide where you want your button hole to go. I just put my fingers on the spot and slipped it off. Then I pinned where my button would go and where my button hole would go.
Once that is decided, then follow your  machine's instructions for making a button hole. If you REALLY wanted to cheat and not sew a button hole, you COULD just cut a small slit where your buttonhole would go. Fleece won't fray, but I didn't do that. I did make a button hole, because once you have figured it out it isn't hard at all.

Put some stabilizer or notebook paper underneath your fleece to help the buttonhole foot glide easier and not get caught below. Make sure you create the button hole in the center of both lines of thread towards the end of one side.
Make your button hole and use a seam ripper to rip the hole open.
Hand sew on your button in the spot you like best. And you are done! You have yourself a fleece ruffle neck cowl. Fleece makes it warm and ruffles make it fun! Enjoy being the creative talented YOU!
 Do a little photo shoot and blog it! Have some fun with yourself! You know..."Run, Stop, Model!" Didn't all mother's play that instead of "Red light, green light"?

Make them for gifts! And let me see! I love seeing what you guys create!
A Merry Christmas Gift idea to you!

***Looking to make this into a child ruffle neck scarf? It's easy! Just cut a smaller width to your scarf,  maybe 4 - 5 inches total across, same length! Follow the rest of the directions above and seriously adorable-ness on your child!***

And as usual, if you make something using a Designs By Sessa tutorial, please upload a photo of your awesome item to the DBS Flickr pool! I wanna see!!!