Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Market Goodies!

I had a great time at our little Holiday Market! Several creative gals set up shop at a friend's home and had other friends come and shop! We didn't have a ton of customers, mostly, we believe because we threw it together in a week's time, but all of us sold some things and enjoyed hanging out, making new friends and ooing and awing over each other's creative talents! I think we will continue this trend and try again earlier next year! Here's a look at some of the items that were up for sale!
I sold 8 ruffle neck cowls!!! I was shocked at how much everyone loved them. I sold most of what I took and then have some orders to fulfill, too! I also added turquoise and navy blue to the color collection, which was a fun hit! Here's our host modeling hers!
It was great, because I was able to "test" my product and learned that everyone that bought the cowls preferred the longer tail look (more like a scarf) versus the traditional neck cowl, which was great to know for future cowl making!

I shared a little table with my sweet friend Merideth, who had the BEST chalkboard paint ideas ever with her chalkboard trays, mustache cups, freezer stenciled onsies and yummy almond bath salts!
I definitely didn't leave without this guy:
I went crazy over a girl's table that had TONS of machine appliqued items! She gave me some good websites for cheaper downloadable appliques... which I definitely want to share and get more into in the future. I bought some placemats for our table and love them!
I also bought a reindeer appliqued shirt for Micaiah, which he wore reluctantly with Santa today...
I would be, too...that's my step-dad with his beard falling off, whose pants I had to fix the other day! 
Back to the market...
I own the gold-ish looking (towards back...kind of blurred) button earrings of these and wear them constantly!
I bought 3 jars of jarred cookie dough mix for my neighbors this year! Kitty makes these as well as NameintheFrames, which are a big hit all the time, too!
We had some serious fun! What hand-made goodies are you giving this year?