Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Market

Last week, when I started to feel better, I decided to sew some more ruffle neck cowls to add to my shop! I got a lot of interest in making them to sell and since I'm trying to raise money for my families that are adopting, I thought I better get busy. I'm working on it Carrolls and Fergusons! I think I am going to switch my store to Etsy in the near future. I love Big Cartel, but it doesn't seem to have many random people searching for things the way Etsy does, so it might be better for my smaller shop.
I made some in some sweet colors like negro, shrimp, creme, and hot mama pink! Do you like my fancy smancy names? I think it is more fun!

However, I got invited to be a vendor at a Holiday Market! So, this coming Friday I am setting up a booth and will be selling ruffle neck cowls, fabric wrapped necklaces, and some baby shoes and other items! Please pray that my items will sell, so I can actually help these two families with their adoption funds this Christmas! If you are local, email me for details and I will invite you via facebook! It's a completely hand-made market and I can't wait to shop! 

After the Holiday Market, I will put everything left over in my shop! If you MUST have a ruffle neck cowl now, you can email me and to pre-order! Thanks so much!