Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket + Leggings

Earlier this month, I shared that I ordered my very first pattern. It was the Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket and I was making it for my niece as a Christmas present. I am proud to announce that it is complete!

Without further avail.... Here is the finished product! What do you think?
I am SO proud of it! Originally, I was going to use fleece to make it warm, but then I was afraid that I would mess up somewhere and since I had never used any kind of pattern, I decided to use this vintage bed sheet that I saved from my grandmother's home after she died. I wanted it cute enough that if it turned out well, I would be happy, but not so dear as if I had ordered some designer fabric and then had a complete craft fail! It definitely took some getting use to and I re-read the instructions about a gazillion times, but finally finished it! I'm only wishing that I had made it in a 3T instead of the 2T to last further into the spring! It is rather Spring-like with all those flowers, don't ya think?
 I used vintage buttons that my husband's mother gave me. They are pearl buttons that her mother and grandmother used to wear on their nursing uniforms back in the day. I knew they would be perfect for Naomi and sentimental, too. 
They don't make buttons as nice and real as these, that's for sure! 

Then, I couldn't stop there! Sewing for girls is way fun, seriously! I've had some green knit fabric for over a year that I couldn't figure out how to use! The green just so happens to match the bits of green in the jacket fabric, so I made some ruffle butt leggings to match!
The leggings actually turned out to be tougher than I thought, but they turned out cute, too, so it is all worth it in the end! I used Make It and Love It's Super Simple Legging Tutorial and did the ruffle version found here. I really admire Ashley and how she pumps out tutorials left and right! I would want to be like her, but I kind of care about a clean house way too much! My craft room can be cluttered, but the rest needs to be clean for me to function normally and for that to happen blogging can't be as high of a priority! I'll just benefit off of her creativity though! So, thanks, Ashley!

So there you have it! A cute little outfit for my pretty awesome niece! I hope to post a picture of her IN IT soon!